Episode Review – the Werther Project

I’m going to try something a little different and besides embedding my tweets, I’ll also expand on some thoughts here and there.

That’s one of those “little” things that bugs me so much in this show of late.  They know the book is “powerful” and can be used to do really mean things by anyone willing so… why take it out at all?  In the episode this book was introduced it became apparent that some power of it must be in the physical pages and writing themselves – otherwise why didn’t that family/secret society/whatever not just scan the book in and distribute it out to members digitally?  (then it wouldn’t matter if someone stole the physical copy except to keep them from learning the secrets)  So seriously, Sam, run to Kinko’s, make a copy of the book, then lock up the real one deep in the bunker.  Yeah it may turn out you’ll need the real book for SOMETHING, but you can go get it when it happens.  Until then, at least if someone tries to betray you, you can limit how much damage they can do.

Given just how messy they show vamp killing in this show and how little blood has been shown to be needed to “convert” people, I’m really surprised that in the Supernatural ‘verse, for every vampire killed, you don’t have 3 new ones made.  Especially given how sloppy the hunters usually are about disease control.

Honestly, we know that the MoC will keep Dean from dying but will it keep him from being “converted” to a monster?  Of could this be a “game-breaking bug” in the world of SPN?  Think of it:

  • Get MoC.
  • Become monster (werewolf, vampire, etc).
  • ???
  • Die.
  • MoC brings you back as demon (cured of monsterism).
  • Cure demonism using blessed blood.
  • Human again.
  • Repeat as necessary.

That would be darkly humorous in this show if Dean just had a row of blood vials and he’s like “I should probably be… a vampire for this one.” and injected himself.  Then after the job, they come back to the bunker, Sam shoots him, then starts injecting him from the blessed blood supply to “reset” Dean back to human.


You’re telling me you wouldn’t be thrilled to watch an episode of “Neil Armstrong, Man of Letters” where he tries to drop some things onto the moon for safe keeping?  Then we see Crowley wandering around there in a space suit!

I start feeling sad when I end up predicting this show by sarcasm.

By far the most powerful bit about this scene is the fact that the ghost/hallucination/whatever, ISN’T WRONG.  The boys have seriously lost sight of their priorities of late and they need a morality chain put back on them to remind them of this stuff!

This is also where “good vague” comes into play.  Is that person a ghost?  An illusion?  Can the Werther Project control ghosts or just create illusions?  It could go either way but that detail isn’t vital to the plot.  So it’s ok to leave it up to a mystery.

I do approve that I ended up being both with this episode.

THIS, is where the vagueness starts killing the story.  What are the rules of the MoC?  We don’t know, all we do know for certain is that the person with it has a hard time dying (pointed out at least 3 times now).  So… why the concern?  If Dean tries to kill himself, it seems nothing will happen (Cain hinted at that fate) so there’s nothing for Sam to worry about.  Thus he ends up looking like an idiot, complaining as if leaving Dean in that room would lead him to *gasp* stubbing his toe!

I do like Olsson’s “southern charm” that he plays with Benny.  Actually I think for awhile the show has needed not a world threat villain, but a local, “threat only to the boys” villain.  Like a season long Gordon and Olsson playing that villain with a mix of lethality and charm would make for a great set up.

Had they gotten Jared to reprise his role as Lucifer in the white suit, talking to Dean about the MoC… that would have made this episode really remarkable and memorable.  All the raw materials are there:

  • There’s no bigger nightmare Dean’s ever had than Sam becoming Satan (especially after “The End” where he saw it) and we know that after it did happen, Dean very nearly did kill himself. (if he didn’t have Lisa & Ben, I think he would have)
  • Cain warned him that he would kill his brother, so why not have Dean relive the moment of his life where he watched himself become so broken that he did try to kill his brother – and failed.
  • Or that in this case, Sam would become the “brother-in-charge” being the Lucifer that can control Dean’s MoC?  Thus putting Dean in the position of having to either serve the greatest monster he’s known as a monster, or kill Sam.

I defy any fan to suggest a set up that would be more inclined to drive Dean to suicide faster.  Plus Jared & Jensen haven’t really had a chance to act off each other for awhile.

Speaking of: Another sign of Sam’s stupidity?  Why didn’t he bother tying Dean up in the basement while Sam worked on the box?  That way Dean’s safe AND you can keep an eye on him in case something goes wrong.  How much has gone wrong this season because you two have let the other one out of your sight?  Has NOBODY learned from their mistakes?

It’s weird, the trap seemed to have some sense of self-preservation… but why then did it try to kill Sam, WITH the very thing that would stop it?  (and if it did kill Sam, would that turn the trap off forever or just indefinitely until it resets? so many questions!)  That seems… kind of stupid for something that’s supposed to be so lethal.  It would be more logical if say… the trap convinced Sam it needed blood (which would kill him) when in fact it needed a Man of Letters to say… shave their head and put hair in the offering (which means the trap wouldn’t be turned off)? On the other hand, shaving his head might be more lethal to Sam.

Again, how OFTEN have the Winchesters had something go wrong because they left someone in a room unattended OR they screwed someone else because they were left unattended in a room?  Sure you have the girl chained, but you left her WITH TWO POWERFUL SPELL BOOKS!  It gets hard to root for these guys when you see them NOT learning from their mistakes.


Still all in all this wasn’t too bad, a very clever MotW episode that also tied into the arc.  This is probably one of the best blends of those two I’ve seen in awhile.  It sounds ironic but this episode is in a lot of ways an ideal average for what the show should be.  Had they taken advantage of everything and let MoC!Dean talk with Satan!Sam this would have been a truly GREAT episode if not the most memorable one of the season.


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