Episode Review – Book of the Damned

Well it was nice to see Castiel fully power up again.  Actually a lot of camera shots and angles were very well done this episode.  But the rest…

No seriously, how did Cas, repowered, NOT catch Metatron who is MORTAL AND SHOT IN THE LEG?  A grandma with a walker could have caught Metty.

I still have no idea how Sam got in touch with Rowena, but am putting an * by that since it might be answered next week.

Charlie (and her meeting Cas) were pretty good, though her talk about her adventures sounded a lot more entertaining than that nun episode 2 back.

So Stein – a german name – helped the Nazis, but weren’t involved at all with the Thule society?  Remember them?  The bros ran into them waaaaay back in… season 8.  I have to admit that when Sam mentioned Jessica this episode, I almost had a heart attack they remembered any canon at all.

Though it’s hard to hate an episode TOO much that introduces the Necromican officially into the SPN universe. (though – again – why hasn’t Lucifer or Crowley or S6 Castiel ever tried going after it?)


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