Episode Review – Inside Man

Was… was this an arc episode?  Nobody seems to know what’s going on with this season so who knows?

I mean it was good to see Bobby again on a fan level if only because Jim Beaver is such a good actor but on a larger, meta level it would have been better had one of the Winchester’s other allies (and heck, half of Heaven should be occupied by those) showed up to help just to remind us how big the world could be.

Meanwhile Heaven’s politics make NO sense (none).  Seriously WHO is giving orders?  Wasn’t Cas in charge?  If not, who is?  Is there a council or something?  Why in the world did they bother waiting so long to take Metatron’s grace? (and I don’t mean just this season, but just this episode)

Rowena seems to be going the way of Grandpa Campbell from S6 – where the writers just have them do whatever they need to push the plot along and then later “pretend” it was all part of some larger plan.  Then there’s her calls for her son to “nut up” and do something which just gets mind bending when you remember it was last season that the Winchesters staged an “intervention” to get Crowley off human blood.  What kind of show is this when BOTH the protagonists AND one of the antagonists agree that another character should be the king of Hell!  Both sides have been telling this guy to be MORE of a villain.  Just…

The structure and execution of the season are failing when one can’t tell the difference between an arc episode and a MotW one any more.


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