Episode Review – Paint it Black

Once again the current string of shows leaves me feeling conflicted.  I’ve said before, SPN has been in a bit of rut and they need to branch out.  And they do that this time!  But it’s… not fun or wacky or entertaining in all the other ways SPN pulled off breaking its own mold.

Maybe some other people liked it but man I couldn’t even generate hatred for this episode.  So… the show makers did something different (yay for them!), but screwed it up (boo for them!) – that just means they need to keep trying.

As for the rest… meh.  I keep hearing from Carver & Co that they have a plan and are writing what they want to write and so on and so on.  Do they?  I mean a secret society war is something I’ve been wanting since the secret Nazi society was revealed back in the golem episode.  That witches might go to a secret war against the men of letters is a neat idea!  Awesome!  Let’s do this!  You know… we should have seen some more signs of this back earlier in the season.  The drama of a war approaching that the Winchesters don’t know about (and are about to be dragged into) could be very engaging.

This?  This I can’t even care enough about to give a rating beyond “Great cure for insomnia.”


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