Episode Review – the Things They Carried

Some days I really start wondering if my blog is read by the show runners.  I mean I’ve talked before (multiple times) about the comparison between hunters and soldiers and… here we have an episode sort of examining that.  Though I wish there had been more.

Sam finally up and remembers he’s a character – too bad he’s been so MiA the previous season and a half.  Had they put a bit more work into his character (or just remembered he existed), a lot of his words and actions in this episode wouldn’t seem to have come out of no where.

Though I still say this episode makes a lot more sense if you flip Sam & Dean’s dialog.  Dean, wanting to fight the MoC’s influence, makes more sense to be the one taking it hard over having to kill someone while Sam could have had hilarious and heartwarming irony in this time being the one to “torture” Cole.  Maybe have them bond a little.

I still think it’s a shame that Cole’s getting the more interesting story and arc when the bloodlines kid could have been just as interesting and filling in this role had they made him a little less generic.  Actually Cole’s role could just have easily gone to Adam as well, and this episode really reminded us how the brothers are really needing some “younger siblings” to remind them of things they seem to have forgotten.  Kids that they can play Bobby to.

So a little like last week, in some spots this episode is really good while in others kind of groaning (like how the boys didn’t think about using alcohol to flush the worms out, or even preparing).  Though the bad wasn’t as bad as last week so this time the struggle between the two extremes winds up at about a 3.5-4 rank.

How will the next episode fare tomorrow?


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