Episode Review – the Hunter Games

So… what’s there really to say about this episode?

No, you know what we can say about this episode? After a midseason hellatus, this was an episode about nothing.  Sure it had the ILLUSION of being about something, but really, what REALLY happened this episode? What changed at the end of this episode from the beginning?

Pretty much just Castiel and Claire getting an improved relationship.  Which is also why that ended up being the most compelling part of the episode.  The other reason it was the best part of the episode?  The audience could understand and GRASP it.  We could at least follow what was going on. (Though I still don’t know why Dean was asked to call Claire when there was EVERY. LOGICAL. REASON. for Sam to be the one to do it.)

What’s going on with the angels?  Crowley?  Metatron?  The Mark of Cain? NOBODY KNOWS!  (the writers MIGHT but I’m starting to doubt even that)  Any claims about these things are just speculations with no standard to weigh one fan’s theory against another.

It’s not quite up to S9 level yet, but it’s getting there.  Every time Metatron appears the question of why they don’t take his grace builds and builds.  What does Metatron want or even desire?  To be “the cool kid”?  Why do you say that?  Because of actual lines or actions taken to those ends, or because that’s the role poor Curtis Armstrong ALWAYS ends up playing? (I was hoping they’d give him a new role in the show.)  Does Mama Crowley have a plan or is she just winging it and seeing what happens?  Have the boys even TRIED to go find Cain?  (WHY NOT???)  Can Dean even die with the MoC on him or will he just respawn?  Is Cas in charge in Heaven or not?  What is he concerned about?  Has Crowley or anyone considered the potential use of the Door to Heaven?  Why take Metatron to the bunker?  Why not talk to him in Heaven? Maybe invite the Winchesters up there or get one of their former allies to do a solid.

You know, for the Supernatural ‘Verse, I’m planning for a 2 part episode with someone else helping me write it.  So, I’m not unsympathetic to the challenges of getting a collaboration between people to create a story, I’ll admit it’s not easy and I’m working on a much smaller scale.  At times though, one has to ask if the current makers of SPN are actually collaborating because increasingly it seems like every episode is written by someone alone in a room with no idea what the other people are writing.  Which makes the show a chore to watch and thinking the enemy of enjoying the story.

And both of those are the LAST things a TV show should ask of its audience.


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