Episode Review – Paper Moon

I must say that I found Nog and Vic to be surprisingly captivating this episode. As I watched their relationship develop–

Wait, I seem to have gotten my Paper Moon episodes mixed up.

Now I know some think I’m awfully negative or hard on the show but this episode gives a very good example of why: because it’s damn near proof the makers of said show are actually improving.  I could be wrong, there’s still 18 more episodes for them to royally screw things up but for now?  This season is showing marked improvement over the previous one.

Only 2 things were a problem this episode and they were minor.

1) The flashbacks were backwards.  If you’re going to put those even in the middle of the show, then use ones referencing returning characters and old plot threads.  Put flashbacks referencing what happened just a week ago at the beginning of the episode.  At the very least, it’s less insulting and it stops the episode from being spoiled by those of us with decent memory.

2) How is Dean being threatened when we (and the characters should) know that he can’t die?  Put in SOMETHING explaining why we or Sam should dread Dean in danger (a relapse or whatever).  It doesn’t have to be much.

Now onto what I liked this episode.

  • A converted monster actually using their powers in a logical, pro-active way!
  • Examination of how moral it is to try and save someone’s life.  A real parable of, “What does it profit one to gain the world, yet lose their soul?”  Yeah I could have had some more screen time debating the issue but at least it was there!
  • Downtime for the boys!  They’re having fun!
  • The boys talk like human beings!
  • They still disagree but handle it a bit more like adults.
  • A change of pace from the FBI cover story!
  • The boys treat the people they’re talking to like decent human beings!  With respect!
  • Only continuity gaffs were minor, easily handwaved hiccups!
  • The plot’s logic holds together!
  • Seriously, they didn’t break continuity or basic writing rules!  Can I get an amen?

Now I need to catch up on the next episode, but so far this has proven that these writers?  They CAN do what we’ve asked of them, they just need to put in the effort.  So kudos guys and gals.  Kudos all around.


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