MLP:ER – 4.05 & 4.06

What happened last week?  Why didn’t my reviews get published?

Actually I’ll admit that watching some people do my bit about “evil undercurrents” in Thomas the Tank Engine (only as far as I could tell, they were serious) has sort of dampened my enthusiasm for this.  It’s hard to do parody when people race to make your joke the baseline for their behavior.

Flight to the Finish

Besides, I’m never quite comfortable doing the “dark truths of Equestria” when it comes to the CMC.  True Fluttershy and her loyalists are looking to bring them into the herd same as Discord and Celestia seek to expand their ranks as well but that’s still a long way aways (especially since the ancient treaty and custom that said no blank flank may ever be recruited by any military).

Plus it was a musical episode.  I hate musicals.

Otherwise a mostly ok, serviceable story that does at least show that the CMC seemed to have grown out of their misdivision of labor problem they had way back in S1’s “the Show Stoppers”.  So +1 for a subtle lesson in economics.

Power Ponies

Now THIS one… I wonder if Discord is involved, seems irresponsible for a public shop to hand out something that could be so dangerous.  Unless maybe this 4th-wall-traveling happened because of the location they were in… Then again I was expecting that the story would be drawn from Spike’s dreams after falling asleep from reading the comic.  So kudos for figuring out some way to “really” do this story.

Though what if the CMC had gotten sucked in?  Would they be trapped until they defeated the villain or is victory always assured somehow?  Is time different from in there vs outside or are they in sync? (Story pitch: “Cutie Mark Crusaders get sucked into the comic.  One minute later they emerge fully grown and battle-hardened.”)  Whoever came up with Rarity as Green Lantern and Pinkie Pie as the Flash deserve all the internets as such was a touch of brilliance and a great way to show & reinforce aspects of both’s character.

So setting aside the premiere (which had Discord, always a crowd pleaser), this is the best episode of the season so far.

Now which comic would I want to get sucked into…

(probably Grimm Fairy Tales because of the babes and sheer b-movie fun of it)


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