My entry for the 2014 J2 Big Bang challenge:

Supernatural: H-Day.

Thanks much to the very talented neigeausoleil for her awesome artwork on this (seriously loved that art, it makes me tear up a little every time I look at it).

Background: Yeah a lot of this was a reaction to some of my bigger annoyances with season 9.Β  Fun fact, I wrote most of this when the season was just a little over half done so feel free to laugh at some canon points I ended up predicting and some that were broken by the show.

I also like to think that if we were to ever get a big-budget movie for the show, this is what we would get.Β  The rest I won’t spoil just… enjoy.

(also a BIG thanks to my lovely editor & fellow writer at the Winchester Family Business, nightsky for helping me edit this)


18 thoughts on “H-Day

  1. Dear Mr. Winchester,
    May I call you Nate? Or Nathan, if you prefer?
    This tale is superb. You crafted a most compelling, emotionally poignant, internally consistent, and intellectually satisfying alternate series finale to the ‘Supernatural’ mythos.
    Thank you. Thank you very much. My soul delights that such beauty exists.
    Respectfully standing in awe,
    A fan

  2. Keep it here. After all, who reads your blog anyways? πŸ˜›

    Anyways, ribbing aside, the title for the idea is, ‘Godscape,’ and here’s what I got

    [ ]

    And really, that’s about all I got. All I have so far is the setting and not really an idea for what to do with it in terms of plot/character arcs for my three main protagonists.

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