MLP:ER – Daring Don’t

Was… was this the MLP equivalent of GalaxyQuest?

The big difference being that the idols this time are not faking it.  Though it seems weird that for a group having bested Nightmare Moon, Discord, and more, to have never heard that Ahuizotl was real.

It also seems weird that Daring Do never heard of our Mane Six.  SERIOUSLY! How many times do these girls have to save the world for people to recognize them?  Heh, that would have been a funny twist on the tropes in this episode: if Daring Do had come to the group for their help (what with them being legends and all) and the group had trouble believing it wasn’t a promotion or something.  Or if Daring Do was running out of adventures and wanted to follow the Mane Six around for new book material.  The question is whether either of those would have been more cliche or less than the episode we got.

The moment of two fans pooling their canon knowledge together was fun.  I know several works have had fans’ knowledge come through in a pinch (GalaxyQuest obviously) but is this the first time that knowledge has been used straight within the work itself?  Off the top of my head we usually see something “themed” towards a work the fans use their knowledge to crack (riddles obviously being the most common form) but this is in a “real” world not within or a part of the work itself.  The other instance I can think of is that of a real world invader into the work who is aware of how powerful his knowledge is (Last Action Hero being pretty much THE movie about it).  Supernatural is actually the only work I can think of where fans of the work are a part of the real world which is also the work, and thus their knowledge is actually useful to what’s going on without them being outside-aware of how their fandom is useful (and even the SPN instance was shorter than this one).  Now if we can just get a Sam & Dean pony… (or did they already do one?)

Best moment of the episode: “Uh… should we go in and help her, maybe?” -Fluttershy

Final rating: Funtacular


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