MLP:ER – Castle Mane-ia

Apologies for the delay.  A friend loaned me “Game of Thrones” S3 and I was watching it for a lighthearted break before resuming the darker, more challenging stories of MLP:FiM.

What’s that?  You don’t think MLP is more hardcore than GoT?  Well let me remind you that while the latter has occasional nudity, the former consists of an all female cast, NUDE ALL THE TIME! (and if you bring up Applejack, I’ll just repeat what the cop told me: “Hats don’t count.”)

So last time we left our ladies, Discord made one of the most passive-aggressive attacks and Twilight went on a vision quest about the past.  This time?  Oh sure it may look like a simple, fun haunted house tale of people “haunting” each other, but study the events more carefully…

First we have Twilight’s & Spike’s arrival.  These two are our “simplified” characters, what you see is what you get and they wear their goals on their sleeve.  Though now that she’s an alicorn, we might see Twilight’s thoughts turning to her own grand domicile after being inspired by this castle.

Who do we see next?  Why none other than our challenger to the power structure of Equestria: Fluttershy!  Here we are reminded that Fluttershy, in her grand plan to conquer the world, has already roped in Rarity to her services.  We are also reminded of just how devious the “Coming Storm” (FS’s moniker after the episode “Hurricane Fluttershy”) can be as she has convinced Rarity that going to the castle was her own idea.  Thus Fluttershy can now gather design suggestions for her future keep without anyone being the wiser.  She also brings along Angel (the Vader to her emperor) who will be in charge of observing the traps and layouts of the castle (every grand ruler needs a trap door you know).

Later Rainbow Dash and Applejack arrive at the castle spurred there by an idea from who?  And shortly tormented through the castle by who?  That’s right, Pinkie Pie!

Hm.  From your expression I don’t think you get it.  Recall that Pinkie Pie is none other than the chief priest of Discord (though in his case, the title is something more like “cucumber resplendent”) who is to bring the world to chaos as he prefers.  In S3 there we Pinkie slacking off on her duties a bit on converting ponies to her lord & master’s cause.  It would seem that with Discord’s reappearance in the previous episode, she has been reminded of her duties.  (Plus with the Elements of Harmony now given up, the power threat to Discord is much less.) Thus we see a Pinkie seemingly more manic and unhinged than usual.  A Pinkie who takes steps to drive Rainbow Dash and Applejack into madness (for once your mind is free of the constraints of logic and sanity, then you can embrace the wisdom of Discord).  Of course she acts innocent and ignorant when caught but watch her closely, you can see subtleties in her performance showing a cold, calculating mind.

After this incident it’s likely she has the hooks of chaos in RD & AJ.  FS has Rarity on her side and, given that they want to keep the existing order (just with FS in charge instead of Celestia & Luna), Twilight is an ally of circumstance.  The battle lines are being drawn, 3 on one side, 3 on the other… what will happen next in, “True Tales of Ponyville”?


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