9.18 – “Metafiction” Remix

The remix for real this time! Complete with fancy graphics and special effects.

Previously on Supernatural Remix

Dean3 If this Impala goes below 20 mph we’re all going to die!
9_11Sam2 Cas… the baby is yours.
916crowley1 I don’t care what those bastard’s say, they are not getting this rec center without a dance off!
920ennis I don’t think I’m supposed to be here yet.
916dean2 So this time if we die we’re going to limbo?
9_12Sam1 Only while we’re in the dream.
fangirling What if we made a fan film?
918gabriel You know you can’t get enough of me…


natewinchester-128 I told you you needed to be neater.
Shut up and help me get these in order.
natewinchester-128 I’m trying but all you keep saying is “close enough”.
918castiel1 Yay I get to be in an episode!
918metatron1 Not now, Cas.
natewinchester-128 Are you even trying any more?
918metatron1 It doesn’t matter, they’ll watch it anyway.
natewinchester-128 No, you can’t take the audience for granted. That’s how shows die.
918castiel2 I thought shows died because there wasn’t enough me in them.
918metatron2 Are you going to help me out here?
natewinchester-128 With what? The dumbass title?
918metatron2 Dumb? Wha? “METAfiction” – “METAtron” it’s brilliance!
natewinchester-128 Yes I get the multilayered joke. You should’ve went with “Metatron Legacy”.
918castiel2 I don’t get it.
918metatron1 Oh for… *tap*
918castiel3 Ow!
natewinchester-128 What did you do?
918metatron1 I just downloaded all pop culture knowledge into Cas’s noggin.
natewinchester-128 That’s what I’m talking about! That just now, his grace… you’re not letting anything grow or happen organically to the story!
918metatron1 But that’s haaaaard.
natewinchester-128 Effort is what makes art. If anyone could do it easily, it wouldn’t be exceptional.
Well that explains the quality of your remixes.
natewinchester-128 They’re still better than your dreck!
918metatron2 Oh yeah? And how many “viewers” is your “effort” getting you?
natewinchester-128 At least any one that reads me is are brilliant, awesome, devastatingly good looking, and incredible in bed.
918metatron1 But not rich, are they?
natewinchester-128 I dunno. Maybe they don’t notice the tip jar link on the side…
918metatron2 Oh Me-dammit! At least I don’t beg for money!
918castiel2 Is it time for my line yet?
natewinchester-128Shut up, Cas!
natewinchester-128 At least I avoid major plot holes!
918metatron1 Plot holes? What plot holes??
natewinchester-128 Really? Like Dean, hitting Gadreel in the face?
918metatron1 So?
natewinchester-128 Before when Dean hit an angel he nearly broke his hand!
918metatron1 I still don’t get it.
natewinchester-128 How’s Dean not breaking his arm? The Mark of Cain? The angels losing their mojo?
918metatron1 Sure why not.
natewinchester-128 That’s not writing! That’s throwing crap up on screen and letting your audience do the work for you.
918castiel2 Does anyone have an antacid? I think that grace is turning on me.
natewinchester-128 See? Why are we finding this out now?
918metatron1 Bah, why be so picky about continuity?
natewinchester-128 … O… M… G! That’s it!
918metatron1 What is?
natewinchester-128 Fact- You were Booger in Revenge of the Nerds.
918metatron1 So?
natewinchester-128 Fact- You threw a print copy of Supernatural – a work of fiction someone else wrote, into a fire.
918metatron1 Glad you’re paying attention.
natewinchester-128 Fact- Now you’re writing your own version of events while talking about continuity and retcons.
918metatron2 Where are you–
writers-group1 Shit he’s onto us! Deploy the CW assassins!

Until next time! (Assuming the CW assassins don’t get me.)


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