Episodes Reviewed – Meta fiction & Alex Annie Alexis Ann

Eh, not a lot to say about these two, so let’s get them out of the way…

Meta fiction

I once said that after the “rule of 3” (every 3rd season of SPN will suck) and the rule of death probability (with each appearance a character makes on the show, the chances of him/her/it dying approaches 1), the rule of Supernatural was that of title tweaks (anytime the main title is altered the episode will be of high quality).  S7’s wedding episode made the rule pretty subjective, this one may end up breaking it.

I mean this episode wasn’t bad it just… wasn’t as memorable as the others with altered titles.  In fact if it wasn’t for Richard Speight Jr’s sheer charm and magnetism, this episode would have been entirely forgettable.

Let’s see… canon clashes… Dean is able to wail on an empowered angel without breaking his hand.  Why?  The writers will never tell.  Previously Metatron being able to “get around” angel wards made some sense to me, I mean he is the originator of writing – the first nerd – it makes some sense, but to just toss aside holy fire?  Something not even archangels were ever able to do?  Is it because he’s “god”?  But isn’t he “god” only because he’s the one in charge of Heaven?  Why then wasn’t Michael “god” since he was in charge after daddy left? (and seriously, ya’ll didn’t think to molotov metatron?)

That closing scene would have been much more effective had it been revealed that Metatron freed Gadreel from his chains & wards in the truck before the boys spotted him and then Gadreel saved Metatron from the flames.  That would prove that he is a threat in out-thinking the boys.  Now it just proves that the only way for the boys to stop him is for the writers to say they do.  I mean, God?  Death?  Leviathans?  Why do you think any of those things would be able to stop Metatron?  Same reason a ring of holy fire should have stopped him?  Because of CANON?  See, they’ve established it doesn’t matter without ever bothering to explain the exceptions.  Doesn’t matter now.  It’s all technobabble, things succeeded or fail because the writers said so this time.  Really they may as well just have Carver walk on screen and tell us what’s happening.

Alex Annie Alexis Ann

Oh wait, here’s a GOOD episode.  And what makes it good?  Well the actors, a good script, oh and CANON!  See, even when Alex first drinks vamp blood, we still have tension because we know that she could be cured.  Oh except there’s a human right there! (one we care about) So we get a double dose of tension as we don’t want one person to die, and another to be damned. (or at least, that’s how the episode would’ve worked had the audience not gotten so beat down by violations that the revelation at the end that they remembered a cure was actually a shock)

But yeah, an actual good episode!  Sure it had elements of the S1 episode “the Benders” is fine.  They still brought enough new elements to make the story one worth telling and not a lazy rehash.

My only real complaint about it is that we didn’t get enough time with Alex to be attached to her and root for her to find redemption except in a general “she’s human” or “she’s hot” manner.  I would have gladly given up Sam & Dean’s knockout for more time in the cabin between Jody & Alex, showing them forming a real bond.  Heck I was waiting for Jody to reveal that she’s fought more (and WORSE) than vampires to Alex, and let that maybe push the girl further along her change of heart.  I could easily see someone siding with vamps (against humans) if they thought the world was just vamps & people, but the revelation that there’s so much more out there (leviathans, angels, demons, demigods…) makes siding against humans much harder to rationalize.

Oh and something’s supposed to be different about Dean, except not really if you’ve paid attention to him the last year or two (especially post Purgatory) so, whatever.


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