9.18 – “Metafiction” Remix (rough form)

This may be of some interest to a few. I was wanting to get a post a day up here but circumstances are presenting challenges. So here is the rough draft of the upcoming Metafiction remix (before the pics and other refinements are added). Plus I wanted something to show before continuing on with catching up on the show.

Previously on Supernatural Remix:
Dean: If this Impala goes below 20 mph we're all going to die!
Sam: Cas... the baby is yours.
Crowley: I don't care what those bastard's say, they are not getting this rec center without a fight!
:: I don't think I'm supposed to be here yet.
D: So this time if we die we go to limbo?
 S: Only while we're in the dream.
--: What if we made a fan film?
Trickster: You know you can't get enough of me...
Nate(me): I told you you needed to be neater.
Metatron: Shut up and help me get these in order.
N: I'm trying but all you keep saying is "close enough".
Castiel: Yay I get to be in an episode!
M: Not now, Cas.
N: Are you even trying any more?
M: It doesn't matter, they'll watch it anyway.
N: No, you can't take the audience for granted. That's how shows die.
M: Are you going to help me out here?
N: With what? The dumbass title?
M: How could you! "METAfiction" "METAtron".
N: Yes I get the multilayered joke. You should've went with "Metatron Legacy".
C: I don't get it.
M: Oh for... *tap*
C: Ow!
N: What did you do?
M: I just downloaded all pop culture knowledge into Cas's noggin.
N: That's what I'm talking about! That, his grace... you don't let anything grow or happen organic to the story!
M: But that's haaaaard.
N: Effort is what makes art. If anyone could do it easily, it wouldn't be exceptional.
M: Well that explains the quality of your remixes.
N: They're still better than your dreck!
M: Oh yeah? And how many "viewers" is your "effort" getting you?
N: At least any one that reads me is are brilliant, awesome, devastatingly good looking, and incredible in bed.
M: But not rich, are they?
N: I dunno. Maybe they don't notice the tip jar link on the side...
M: Oh Me! At least I don't beg for money!
N: At least I avoid major plot holes!
M: Plot holes? What plot holes??
N: Really? Like Dean, hitting Gadreel in the face?
M: So?
N: Last time Dean hit an angel he nearly broke his hand! http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/index.php?title=4.22_Lucifer_Rising
M: I still don't get it.
N: How's Dean not breaking his arm? The Mark of Cain? The angels losing their mojo?
M: Sure why not.
N: That's not writing! That's throwing crap up on screen and letting your audience do the work for you.
C: Does anyone have an antacid?  I think that grace is turning on me.
N: See?  Why are we finding this out now?
M: Bah, why be so picky about continuity?
N: ... O... M... G!  That's it!
M: What is?
N: Fact- You were booger in Revenge of the Nerds.
M: So?
N: Fact- You threw a print copy of Supernatural - a work of fiction someone else wrote, into a fire.
M: Glad you're paying attention.
N: Fact- Now you're writing your own version of events while talking about continuity and retcons.
M: Where are you--
M: ...
Writers: Shit he's onto us!  Deploy the CW assassin!

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