Episode Review – Mother’s Little Helper

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: Misha Collins was fine as a director.  He accomplished the first task of every director: making sure you forgot he was around.  ANYTHING I bring up in the complaints reviews rests squarely at the feet of the writers.  The actors, directors, etc are giving it their all, the problem is that the writers aren’t giving them anything to work with.

Now we got that clear?  Everyone read last week’s review?  Continuing on:

IS ANYONE EVEN THINKING ABOUT WHAT’S GOING ON?  In random fashion (because I’m too irked to lay these out logically or with segue-ways).

Crowley’s addiction is NOT a metaphor for recreational drugs – it’s a metaphor for medicinal drugs.  Recreational drugs typically don’t make you a better person.  Talking about him “getting clean” or “kicking the habit” is akin to asking a diabetic to “get clean” or “kick the habit” of their insulin.  That’s not something you want those people to do.  Instead of killing him, why don’t the Winchesters just FINISH #&@#$ CURING HIM?!  Wow, then you might have a more trustworthy ally!  Heck it was pretty morally questionable with the boys constantly stabbing all these possessed people instead of exorcising them but somewhat excusable with wartime-reasoning.  Here we see them actively PREVENTING something from finding redemption.  And BOTH brothers are justifying it as a the right thing to do.  No.  NO!  And shut up, Sam, Crowley isn’t going through what you did.  Your blood addiction twisted you as a person.  Crowley’s blood addiction is MAKING him a person.

What would happen if you pulled angel blood and injected it into a demon?  Would it also work as a cure?

How does Abaddon’s “plan” make any sense in the lore?  I’m not even going to try and fit that with Azazel’s timeline just now (it’s 14 years apart from Abaddon’s vanishing to when Azazel brought up Lucifer to discuss the plan of release) but… if you can just make demons innately loyal to you… why is there any infighting at all?  Ok, Lilith was the first, maybe Lucifer was experimenting and left her free will by accident, fine, but why didn’t Lilith make every demon after her loyal to her or Lucifer?  Cain, being probably the 2nd demon made, why was he left with free will?  (although not confirmed in the lore, right now I like to think that Lucifer had a few centuries loose on earth to wreck havoc before Micheal finally came down for their first battle, which resulted in the flood of Noah – after which Lucifer was locked in the cage)  Cain said he made the knights, why didn’t he make them loyal to him?  Maybe it took awhile to figure out ok.  But Crowley wasn’t a demon until sometime after 1661.  Even if we assume the LOWEST agreed upon figure for earth’s age, that means Lilith & co had 5600 years to experiment.  They didn’t crack “perfect loyalty” by then but managed to oh… roughly 300 years later?

Oh and Abaddon is making an army – ripping off Leviathans much?  Or Eve?  And her actions didn’t draw ANY angelic attention in 1958?  I know the angels are dicks, but that just means they should have struck down on the operation sooner since when have you ever known a dick to take a challenge to their power lightly?  And with nuns praying you can’t claim the angels couldn’t have known.

I’m not even Catholic and I felt insulted by this episode.  Look, if you don’t understand religion, or even have friends to consult, then don’t bother with it!

Man, what if Abaddon had operated out of a mosque?  That might have been different. (and about as accurate I’m sure)

A demon nun complains about people in this day and age not coming by?  She has to “work” to get souls?  Well here’s an idea, why don’t you try running a brothel, THAT will probably get you plenty of victims nowadays.  It’s like demons have never heard of sin.

What do you mean “Dean saved Crowley”?  We saw the knife the hunter was using and Dean was right: it wasn’t going to hurt Crowley any.  If anything it shows Dean still has some concerned for his fellow man.  If I see a guy going after a bear with a rubber chicken and I stop him, that isn’t a sign I’m concerned about or protecting the bear.

Oh so Dean is looking for Abaddon.  Well Sam, when you find evidence that Abaddon is working in the town, WHY DON’T YOU CALL DEAN??  Did you phone run out of minutes or something???

Don’t give me that “everyone acts differently soulless” crap, you guys all pulled that way out of your ass.  With this and #THINMAN one gets the impression that this season they write up what “the plot” is of the episode, come up with an opening scene, then try connecting the two together if they can be bothered.  It’s a freakin’ plot hole, stop asking the audience to do your work for you. (no really, go read that link there, SO much about this season will start making sense afterwards)

Hey guys, maybe want to mention this army plan to your friend, THE ANGEL?  Maybe he can tell some of his other friends, OTHER ANGELS??  Seriously though, what happens if one of those demons tried to take the soul of a vessel?  If “factories” are all over the world, then shouldn’t some of them had run into the fallen dicks?  Wouldn’t this cause SOME concern among them?  Maybe get them to start refocusing on… whatever?  After all, since they’re stuck out of Heaven, Abaddon getting a demon army “might” affect them too. (heavy sarcasm)  It might also totally ruin Metatron’s plans.

The exorcism on the phone was a great touch though and earns that extra shell all by itself.  In fact, I’m surprised the two of them haven’t made it their ringtones by now just to see if there’s any possessed people nearby when they get called.


5 thoughts on “Episode Review – Mother’s Little Helper

  1. I thought the Knights were loyal to Cain. I must have missed something. Was that discussed in FB?
    Crowely was around during Mesopotamia (?) with Naomi. So I am assuming he is older than we previously thought.
    I agree with curing Crowely. Why didn’t Sam just go ahead and cure him in the church and just not say the enochian spell. Didn’t make sense.
    Abbadon wasn’t in the town when Sam was there. The ex nun was talking about Abbadon in the past. By the time Sam realized what was going on he was in the abandoned convent or am I mistaken. Did Sam know before then that Abbadon might be in the town? We know she wasn’t so I guess it didn’t really matter.
    I guess the point of Dean stopping Jake was to show that Dean wasn’t going to kill Crowely or let anyone else kill him. I thought that was what Crowely wanted to know.
    I think I liked this ep better than you did but you are right about the plot holes.

    • All fair enough. 😉

      I thought the Knights were loyal to Cain. I must have missed something. Was that discussed in FB?

      Well “loyal” in the way any person can be loyal, but they were still able to make choices opposed to Cain (seen as Abaddon taking over his woman). If Abaddon is just going to make an army that’s as “loyal” to her as any random demon is loyal to her or Crowley, then one must ask what’s the point of it? She’s doing what every other demon has been (like Azazel ;)) which means the boys already have a ready solution that they don’t need to bother looking any further: slam the gates of Hell shut!

      Crowely was around during Mesopotamia (?) with Naomi. So I am assuming he is older than we previously thought.

      At this point Crowley is pretty much whatever the plot needs him to be.

      Abbadon wasn’t in the town when Sam was there. The ex nun was talking about Abbadon in the past. By the time Sam realized what was going on he was in the abandoned convent or am I mistaken. Did Sam know before then that Abbadon might be in the town? We know she wasn’t so I guess it didn’t really matter.

      Exactly, that’s another sign of how poor the writing is. WE the audience & writers know Abaddon isn’t there, but the characters do not. The point is that Sam found the first concrete clue on her and that (again, from the knowledge they had) he had a better lead than anything Dean was finding in the bunker.

  2. If they slam the gates shut won’t one of them be dead?
    I thought that the Knights started to rebel against Cain when he put down the blade. Then he killed them all until Abbadon possessed Collette. He couldn’t kill her so Abbadon went free.
    I agree about Sam in the town. Although Dean wasn’t in any mood to join Sam. I don’t think he cares as much about Abbadon as he does the Blade.

  3. Cheryl142, they don’t have to shut the gates of Hell to cure Crowley. They have to say an Enochian spell after to complete the last trial, but they could still cure Crowley and Sam live–I think. I have huge problems with the whole idea of curing a demon–because the concept is flawed to begin with, IMO–but if we set those niggly little philosophical ideas aside, it makes absolutely no sense to me that they haven’t finished the job. In fact, I’ve been of the opinion that they should have killed Crowley back in S7 and been done with it. I think I’m just meandering now.

    Anyhoo, I really enjoyed reading this Nate. I had so many problems with the plot of the week, I just don’t know. Might I add a couple more questions to your pile of questions…how the hell was Abaddon turning those souls so quickly? And, what the hell has Sister Agnes been up to for the last 50-plus years? Oy. The plotting on this episode blows, IMO.

    I think Misha did a great job directing also. Some of the guest cast was phenomenal and he really used the camera well. Visually, this episode was very nice…potting wise very silly.

    And, I know they were trying to give Jensen a light episode, but really the scenes of him and Crowley could have been stuff they cut from “First Born”–they literally stood around a bar and chatted about crap. I think it would have made more sense and tied the story together better if once Sam realized that Henry and Josie had been in town back in the day, he then called Dean and Dean does Sam’s research for him. Which would have been a nice role reversal, as well, and could have still could have given Jensen some time off.

    Anyway, I like your reviews Nate. They’re usually honest and well written. I love that you still seem to love the show, but are still honest in your critique of it.

  4. ME my response was to Nate when he said they could just slam the gates shut to solve the Abbadon problem. One of them would have been dead. I agree all Sam had to do was not say the enochian spell and Crowley would have been cured.

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