Episode Review – Blade Runners


This was the “Revenge of the Sith” episode of S9.  Our expectations were beaten so low that even the tiniest hint of quality propels our esteem of it into the stratosphere.  What can I say that I didn’t in the remix?

Waste just pure, waste.  The demon selling out Crowley?  The museum chick interrogation?  The guard sequence?  Did we need ANY of that for the plot?  I don’t even mind Snooki’s appearance that much though why don’t the boys just summon Crowley directly?  John summoned Azazel in S2, can’t you make that ritual work for the king?  Oh and I guess Crowley was directly summoned in S6 and S7…

What did all that get us?  We could have cut it and spent more time with the boys at least WEIGHING the choice of curing Crowley or not?  Or spent more time with Cuthbert?  You know, an antagonist (I’m not even going to call him a villain) with some potential nuance played by an electrifying actor putting in some effort!  No, we gotta make him generic and tie up the Winchesters like. every. other. badguy. this. SEASON!

Hey! We’ve now got a house filled with weapons and a zoo and who knows what else that… MIGHT be helpful to the boys?  Nope, we see them traipse off without even bothering to fill a moving box of goodies.

Oh and Dean’s car got damaged.  Funny, because if Abaddon had done that BEFORE the episode “First Born”, THEN I could see Dean being so gung-ho to kill her, even to get the Mark of Cain.

Though really, the faults of this episode become more apparent with the next… stay tuned!


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