MLP:ER – Magical Mystery Cure

Yeah… this has taken awhile…

The fact is… I don’t care about this episode.  It’s a musical and as I’ve made clear in general, I’m not a fan of musicals (operas rock, though – REAL operas).  It’s nothing against them or their fans, it’s just not my cup of tea, and this was a musical episode, made worse by two minutes of plot stretched out over twelve hours* by the songs.  But it’s a canon episode which means I need to “review it straight” like I once promised, which is good because I’m not sure I could come up with a “true stories of ponyville”** for this one (Celestia making a play against Fluttershy?  The whole town in on it?).

It’s really weird that the cutie mark changes cause the ponies to adopt new jobs.  No, that’s not what I mean, it’s weird that everyone else accepts their new jobs.  Everyone hates Fluttershy’s comedy to point of lynching* and nobody bothered pointing out that she should go back to her old job?  Was everyone’s memory affected?  But Twilight & Spike remember… (there were other signs others seemed to remember too)  Should maybe there be a few more safety measures around the Elements of Harmony so other magical acts by Twilight don’t blow up Ponyville?

Heh… a MLP:FiM Three-Mile Island episode… now THAT I’d like to see.

Yay for Twilight earning a princess-ship.  Otherwise?  Meh.

Should I even bother looking at equestria girls?  Is that canon?

*some exaggeration may be present in content

**You like that name?  It just came to me.  I might start running with that if S4 ever hits netflix.


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