Severe Deja Vu…

I was poking around on the Superman ’86-’99 Tumblr (and now linking because if I have to waste time, SO DO YOU! *evil laugh*) when I came across this:

Why is ’99 the continuity cutoff date? Wasn’t “Birthright” (2003) the first major post-Crisis recon?

The first reason is that from ‘86 to ‘99, Superman comics formed an uninterrupted narrative told by pretty much the same group of people, mainly Jerry Ordway, Roger Stern (both left at some point and then returned), Louise Simonson and Dan Jurgens. In 1999 they fired everyone and brought in a new group of people, and soon they started either changing stuff (like Krypton’s appearance) or ignoring previous events — which was understandable, because who could keep track at that point? It wasn’t the same Superman as before, but that was the whole idea, because they were trying to attract new readers.

(emphasis mine) Yeah… anyone keeping up with Supernatural lately has – like me – probably felt a real sense of deja vu…

And one might ask: is ’90s or ’00s Superman really a property the show would want to imitate?


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