Shut up & take my money!

Well I was all set to write something about Dr Who but then I saw…

As I always say (and repeat), the Thief series are my favorite video games*.  Story… gameplay… everything about them is flawless in my eyes.  If I kiss the game discs curses are broken across the land.

So… new game…

I’ll say this right off, the above is a beautiful movie trailer.  If you were to tell me this was coming out in summer of 2014, 2015 I would be estatic.  As a game…

Well you should never see Garrett’s face, that’s for sure.  And it doesn’t look like they got his original (and greatest) voice actor to return.  Still, just as you can’t say no to your true love, I’ll end up buying it.  Probably more than once as it ends up on Steam too.  I guess around February I’ll post a review.  Will the release be lovers reunited?  Or will I end up feeling like a battered spouse?  Please Eidos don’t let us down…

See also this excellent video by another fanatic.

*Why yes I sometimes envision heaven as one unending play session.


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