Episode Review – Slumber Party

Once again we learn that Winchesters’ Law is immutable: “Every time a character appears on Supernatural, the odds of their death will eventually reach 1.”  They just don’t always stay that way…

Then there’s… man, two weeks in a row of crap?  Sure I was on board with this episode for most of the way but then…

I mean Charlie is an awesome character, you can’t hate on Felicia Day too much but…

I… I can barely type out the words…

A WINDOWS 8 tablet???  Seriously?  Goodbye suspension of disbelief!  No way a hardcore nerd like Charlie is supposed to be would be caught dead with one of those.  And it hooks up to a thirty year old computer?  Bullshit!  I can’t get a windows 8 machine to connect to a printer made last week!  Fail.  0 out of 5 score for this episode!

Nah, I’m just kidding, but as an IT employee who generally works with computers so it’s tradition to make at least one joke about the product placement here.

Ok, serious review now: Was this a bad episode?  Nah, it had a lot of nice touches, but unless Charlie & Dorthy’s adventures in Oz are going to be their new spinoff (actually… that doesn’t sound bad) one wonders what the point of it was.  What I mean is… what was really the point of using Oz in the mythos?  It would be understandable if Dorthy or the Wicked Witch (tWW) were being used as shorthand to induce certain expectations and feelings in the audience but they weren’t.  Dorthy was just a generic feminist stand in (charming, though) while tWW was silent.  Adding the identities of “Dorthy” and “Wicked Witch” didn’t add (or subtract if we’re being honest) to the character on our screen.  The only point that really utilized the identity would be her rather charming scene with Sam about having books written about your life – but that could have just as easily been Alice and Wonderland in this episode.

The revelation that Oz “exists” somewhere in the SPN multiverse I don’t mind.  Heck one could argue that Heaven/Hell/Purgatory are other dimensions and we did confirm that there is a “Fae-zone” out there in 6.09 and 8.11.  Who knows, maybe Oz is just a particular zip code of Fae-land.  This bit doesn’t stretch existing lore that badly or break plot holes open so no big deal.  It’s just something I’d like to see the show keep reigned in since “world hopping” is more the domain of Once Upon a Time (which I also like, and I want the shows to keep their distinct flavor)… although if Emma, Snow and company all end up in Oz where they meet up with Dorthy and Charlie…


Where was I…

Oh yes, so most everything was pretty good, heck I very nearly felt sorry for Crowley by episode’s end (nearly).  I must say that I thought Jared had some pretty good chemistry with Dorthy.  Had that actress played Amelia, I would have bought his reluctance to return to hunting a lot more.  I was disappointed that they didn’t mention Castiel hanging out with Kevin on the latter’s “vacation”.  You know… keep the family together?  Maintain tabs on everyone?  Let everyone watch each others’ backs?  Normally I’d complain about tWW taking over Sam’s mind when Zeke is already in there (seriously, that boy’s skull needs zoning regulations) but the writers did a good job and showed the latter getting weakened from helping out Charlie.  A nice touch of plotting there.  Though now it seems even weirder that Charlie could figure out Dean did something to save her but Sam can’t figure out the same.  FREAKIN’ TALK ABOUT IT ALREADY YA IDJITS!

A good standardized episode.  Too bad Castiel wasn’t around to go to Oz too (THAT would have kept him out of angel hands).

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