MLP:ER – Spike at Your Service

Well let’s see…

Supernatural’s back.  Once Upon a Time also returned with a fascinating turn and I’ve caught up on season 2 of Game of Thrones.

Still, it’s Halloween’s month so time to turn my attention to something REALLY scary and disturbing…

Oh Equestria, you are such a dark and twisted world.

Awhile back I pointed out that the land had become so warped that a predator was now forced to serve its prey.  This episode we see yet another sign as Spike, a dragon, is forced to run from a timberwolf.

Now while every cryptozoologist can tell you that dragons and pheonixes are natural enemies (like donkeys and coyotes), dragons remain the natural limiters of timberwolves.  Yet here we have Spike, a creature that can breathe fire running away from a creature made of wood.  Some of you might try claiming that the timberwolves seem to be made out of green wood which doesn’t burn, but I remind you that Spike breathes green fire which according to my D&D book would easily burn green fire.  Thus this whole scene and premise of the episode is based upon the equivalent of seeing a sentient pin run away from an aggressive balloon.

Though I did like that although this episode did do the old “helpful guy turns out to be annoying and not that helpful” (see also the classic Andy Griffith episode for another example of this trope), it revealed that Spike has an optimism that would impress Sisyphus and a determination that is really a positive character trait.

So other than the disturbing message about how messed up Equestria is, this was a fun little episode.


One thought on “MLP:ER – Spike at Your Service

  1. Pssst… green fire which would burn green wood….

    I thought the “helpful guy not so helpful” thing was a nice antidote to the “if you mean well, you’ll do well” of, say, the Pinky Pie/Downer Donkey episode. (…no idea what his name actually is)

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