Episode Review – I Think I’m Gonna Like it Here

Supernatural is back!

Hmm… new season, premiere and all that… I should do something fun.  What to do what to do…

Oh thank you family for providing a game to follow along!

So let’s do this by running all 5 cards at once and see how the game plays.

“The road so far” recap does NOT count, otherwise we’re already done.  So picking up with the boys in the car… Metatron gets a reference! (that’s 1)  And the boys talking about death… I’m counting that for “Sam & Dean have an intense discussion”.  Then we pull back, *gasp* it was all in Sam’s subconscious mind!  The judges are still allowing the previous square even though it was a faux!Dean involved, however they are NOT allowing “Sam collapses and/or goes into a coma” as that is present tense, meaning we’d have to watch it happen.  However Dean’s sorrow does give us “A brother has an emotional moment” for 4 squares before the title card!

Nice touch on S9’s card btw.  The charred wings are probably my favorite since S3 & 4.

I have to admit, I like Dean’s little bit with the doctor.  It’s pretty realistic that with everything they’ve gone through, you’d get paranoid that someone mentioning “it’s in God’s hand” might be up to something or trying to convey a message to you.  A nice touch on how their lives have disconnected them from simple things we take for granted.  Oh hey, then we get Dean desperate and resorting to praying (square 5!).  Hmm… with all the angels running out to help Dean… I’m going to give that “a fallen angel becomes an ally” (6).  Back to Sam’s mind we have Bobby appearing (7) yet not saying balls/idjit which I think may be a new sign of restraint for him.

Cutting to Castiel, he “gets into some sort of trouble” (almost run over – 9), “makes a new friend” (the truck driver – 10), “learns about human needs” (is warned he’ll need water – 11), and discovers the true meaning of pain” (skinning his hand, that hurts! – 12) which means at this point we have our first winners!  Those who selected cards two, four and five – congratulations!  You’ve won!

For the rest?  Card one is the 2nd to eventually reach bingo with poor card number two being the last.  Although the judges are still debating over whether “Death makes an unexpected appearance” counts since Death’s actor is the 2nd listed credit after Jim Beaver thus making it very expected.

So all in all how was the episode?

It certainly heightened the flaws that were in the season closer “sacrifice”. It’s hard to get us to care about the fate of the angels when so much time has been spent making them dicks. Yeah I feel a little bad for the angels but Metatron so far seems to be right: the angels do need to spend some time walking in another’s shoes. Ezekiel so far is the only one we can really feel for at the moment purely because he’s the only one showing any likability (well that and Tahmoh Penikett is a decent actor).

Lorewise not much here. It is impressive that Dean can now draw sigils for memory. Remember way back when he couldn’t even recite the exorcism for memory? How far he has come. Some might ask how Ezekiel can possess Sam.

*deep breath* So angels can seem to possess pretty much anyone, but they need permission (demons get this possession skill from their angel side, the “regardless of permission” from their ghost side).  But few can really “hold” the power of an angel for very long.  The SPN RPG, mentions that with every thing angels have to do, they want a body that endures, thus the importance of “bloodlines” and seeking out “the right” people.  They want someone who is likely to say yes, and can stand the proverbial heat.  Sam, being of the Micheal Sword line and having once contained Lucifer can probably handle just about any other mundane angel hitching a ride without issue.  I do like that they’re giving Jared a chance to stretch his acting muscles a bit more.  Here’s hoping we get a few episodes of him having to rapidly switch from one role to another.

My biggest complaint?  So the angels lose their wings (ok, no more teleportation, that makes sense) but they keep their swords?  WTF?  Those things should have also been lost, maybe even scattered in the falling to allow more tension to build up, to provide challenges for both the heroes and the villains.

All in all I give it…

Season openers for the show actually tend to be poor overall with 4, 5 and 7 being the strongest.  So this one ranks about average which is a step up from the S8 finale.

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