Winter [shows] is coming

Fall is upon us which means…


Shows return with new episodes and all new shows hit the airwaves to compete with our attention.  Do I mind?  Oh hell no!

Brooklyn 99

Let’s get the first, “mundane” show out of the way.  Why am I watching this?  2 words: Terry Crews.  The man’s a comedic genius and I’ve been a big fan of his ever since Everybody Hates Chris (one of the greatest sitcoms ever!).

Of course he’s not letting me down.  The rest of the show…

Ok I get that the main character is supposed to be a stereotype of the “rogue cop that doesn’t play by the rules but gets results” except of the more comedic than serious version (less Dirty Harry and more Police Academy) it’s just… I can’t care about him.  Yes the other characters can’t stand him either but that can only cover the Scrappy so far.  In truth I wish more the show was about Terry’s character struggling to find the balance between being a cop and a family man than the punk growing up.  Hell I’d settle for just an hour each week watching Terry trying to build a dollhouse (seriously, go at least watch episode 3 in the next 50 days, funniest moment on television).

It reminds me of another comedy cop show that I saw last only one season on Fox called the Good Guys (it’s on Netflix, STREAM IT NOW).  Dan Stark in that show was able to straddle the line of being annoying to the cast while lovable to the audience so perfectly it was a work of art.  Andy Sanberg just can’t master that line yet.  Maybe he will but at the moment?  Shuffle more of the secondary cast (who are all great) to the forefront or just bring back the Good Guys (seriously USA network, HOW DID YOU NOT PICK UP THIS SHOW???) and let Terry Crews be on that.

Once Upon a Time

I’ll be honest, I NEVER expected to like this show but I thought I’d watch a few episodes to see how cheesy it would be.  Some of the first few really were but… it got better.  Much better!  On paper, in my head, everything about this show seems like it should just be horrible or pure cheesy like the Hercules and Xena show of old but it’s not, it’s pure quality.

Comparisons between this show and Lost are inevitable not just because so many Lost actors show up in this one yet this is Lost 2.0.  Seriously everything about that show that went wrong this one seems to have learned from and perfected.  Heck we haven’t had a mystery stretch out over more than one season! (well… technically not except in the most pedantic ways)  In a lot of ways this show makes me wonder if this was what it was like watching the first Star Trek: the effects are mediocre to poor, the acting sometimes questionable, but the characters and writing just keep dragging you back to see more.  Heck they even establish at the onset that there is magic in this universe so it’s a lot easier for them to get away with “it’s magic” as an answer for some questions.

How is Season 3 going?  Well they’ve shifted gears again and gone to a jungle-covered island, meaning those performing a OUaT/Lost drinking game may have to check their livers.  Still it continues to hold up and I greatly commend the show runners and writers for learning from Lost’s failures.  With this show they’re definitely focusing on the “why” or “who” of questions rather than the “what” or “how” (Lost’s biggest failure was that they tried to focus on that towards the end after everyone had already spent several seasons demanding to know “what” and “how” about all the mysteries).

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ah the current geek darling as we all thank God for letting Whedon return to television.

What can I say?  You’ve already made up your mind about whether you’re going to see it or not.

Oh alright.  I will admit I got angry at the “clue finding” scene in episode 1 where they were able to determine that a person was glowing right before they exploded ONLY from a sound recording (unless there was a dialog or visual clue I missed somewhere in the episode).  That kind of angered me as it went straight from “comic booky science” to straight on magic.

The characters are also not quite congealing yet save for Coulsen (who at least had something to draw on from the movies and is, of course, awesome).  Sure the girls are attractive (especially love the team’s geeky girl) but not much else holding me attached to the show at the moment.  Of course I’ll keep watching it but not sure what I was hoping from it.


Well, guess that was everything.  Yep, nothing else recently aired that I’ve forgotten or anything…


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