MLP:ER – Apple Family Reunion

Don’t worry, big project coming to fruition soon (I hope) which will hopefully let me get back to blogging a bit more.


What can I say… this episode was pretty special to me.  Not the least because my family is a lot like the Apples and sometimes we do have reunions.  We’re also about as laid back and calm as the apple family too (that is, not much).  There’s also been a few times where the people hosting it got a little too concerned about “what to do” only to realize that if they just let everyone relax a better time is had by all.

Though I dare say the babies brought to our reunions are much cuter than even baby AJ. (and that’s completely unbiased)

This episode did have some of the most realistic family interactions I’ve seen in awhile – particularly a kids show.  You know, where family acts like they really hate each other but you get those glimmers that they’re fond of each other.  Just like how no one can annoy you like your own family, but you wouldn’t trade them.

However… if the Apples were so good at raising a barn… why didn’t AJ see about recruiting them to clear out the troublesome fruit-bats?  Do you suppose the family actually has any insurance on the barn or do they have to recruit friends/family because no company will cover them now?  How many cities do the Cutie Mark Crusaders have to have branches in before it’s legally a cult?  Do you think the barn is all new each time, or is there one or two “original pieces” which remain from barn to barn?  Why not build a metal barn that’s harder to destroy?

Huh?  Sorry, seem to have gotten on a tangent there.  Though I personally would give this episode +1, objectively speaking it’s…

out of 5.

Not bad but nothing to really make it stand out among other episodes.


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