MLP:ER – Just for Sidekicks

Yeah, I was looking forward to this episode.

Ever since Rainbow Dash got her a pet, I’ve been waiting for the day MLP did an episode focused on the series’ sidekicks.

This was… a disappointment.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting the group to take on Discord or anything, but something more than “Spike overdoes it (again)” would have been nice.  Heck, since the previous episode gave us so many references to Top Gun, what if this episode had been a send up to group misfit movies like the Police Academy series?  Something where the animals had to learn how to utilize their differences to overcome a problem.  Imagine: Tank & Gummy bonding over their common ectothermy.  Angel & Opal form a team to oppose their traditional enemies, Owlowiscious & Winona (respectively).  It really would have been better had this episode had more interaction between the pets rather than only intersecting by the impact of their antics on the centralizing force of Spike.  Do better next time, guys!

As the episode stands as is?

Just a big ‘meh’.  Though it was impressive to see just about every major reoccurring character in a single parter.


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