MLP:CR – Nightmare Moon 2

Yeah I know this arc has no official title, so I’m calling it “Nightmare Moon 2” since “return of…” was used in the previous arc.

Now THIS is what tie-in comics (books, etc) should be.  Any extra-core material, really.

You ever wondered what was up with the whole “Luna/Nightmare Moon” deal?  If you have, this comic arc is written expressly to answer your questions.  If not, you can skip it and there’s no impact on the overarching plots on the show.  Though really, since Luna features prominently in all 4 issues, why WOULDN’T you want to read this?

On a general quality, this is a very well done story.  It doesn’t quite have the “extreme panels” problem it did in the previous arc with things appropriately mellow and funny.  Heck, this arc gets downright SCARY at times (seriously, might keep it away from the really young crowd) to the point that I wouldn’t mind showing it to some friends as examples of how awesome this stuff can be.  Spike even sort of saves the day.  Highly recommend any and all fans pick this (or the trade paper back) up.

Issues 5, 6, 7, & 8.


So this arc examines “what or who was Nightmare Moon” with the implication that Luna was corrupted.  Except… the moon is full of dream creatures who also appear to have been corrupted.  So who did what?  I like to think of it as a feedback situation.  Luna got trapped, she twisted and corrupted the members of her realm into nightmares, but then when she was freed, they were left all alone.  So they kidnapped Rarity to corrupt her into a new Nightmare Moon as they had been corrupted.

Or maybe there’s some ancient darkness in Equestria that threatens all.  One hiding behind Nightmare, Chrysalis, and Sombra.  Unless Sombra was the one who twisted Luna.

Then again, maybe Discord isn’t as trapped as we think…


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