MLP:ER – Wonderbolts Academy

Well I’ve fallen too far behind, so I’m going to slow down on my current project and get caught up with… MLP:FiM week!

Man, I was so offended by this episode.  Where were the griffins?  We know they attend flight school, so… what the Wonderbolt’s academy has a “Griffs need not apply” sign out front?  I am so tired of Equestria’s ongoing “whitewashing” of griffins from history!  This discrimination has to end.

Ok, seriously though, anyone else get a sense this episode was a bit conflicted?  It almost had the air of a prequel to Griffon the Brush Off?  Lighting Dust and Rainbow Dash exhibit a bonding that I’m sure many of us have imagined in our heads between RD and Gilda.  The rest of the Mane cast, BARELY have anything to do in the episode to the point that it would take really minor editing to pass this off as a prequel.

And that’s why this one fails, I think.  It’s pretty similar to that season 1 episode with a reiterating of the lesson (or an aspect of it).  Season 3 is the season of callbacks, the writers should have taken this opportunity to bring back Gilda, maybe give us a follow up and redemption story.  The lesson could be one of how hard it is to reform your life or maybe suffering the consequences of past mistakes, other than a repeat of “think of others once in awhile”.

Still, epic stunts keep this from being one of the worst episodes.


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