MLP:ER – Sleepless in Ponyville

Welcome to Friendship Fridays, where the morals are made up and the scripts don’t matter.

I admit to being rather fond of this one as in one thirty minute episode, it perfectly encapsulates the arc of the main characters of Supernatural.

After all, first up we have Rarity & Sweetie Belle representing the boys at the beginning of the series.  The former much like Sam – preferring the normal, ordinary life.  The latter a copy of Dean – eager to journey out to the wilds and wishing his sibling would come along.

Next up we have Applejack and Applebloom, the boys late in the series.  Both pairs of siblings have gone through trials and come together stronger as a result.  They fear nothing because they know together, they can beat anything.

So where does that leave the focus of this episode?  What does Scootaloo & Rainbow Dash show us?  The boys before the series, of course.  Sam is RD, on his own and confident.  Life is good.  Dean is Scootaloo, his life is challenging and he feels very alone even if he’s not at times.  Scootaloo desperately wants a sister, and Dean misses his brother.  In the end, a tragedy (or a near one in MLP’s case) brings the two together.

The biggest difference in the end, obviously, Scootaloo’s fears end up being over nothing in the end.  For Sam & Dean, their fears are all too real…

Though Luna’s guidance in dreams reminds us of a certain angel that later shows up…

Yeah, I’m a bit of sucker for family episodes (especially ones that remind us that family isn’t always made by blood).


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