MLP:ER – Magic Duel

Welcome to Friednship Fridays, where the morals are made up the script don’t matter.

So as we’ve established in previous reviews, MLP:FiM does a good job of recreating various movies (particularly Nolan ones).  In this case?  the Dark Knight Rises.

First we see that an enemy the main protagonist has faced before, returns for ill purposes (with Batman it was an organization, Twilight had an individual).  Realizing that they can’t easily defeat the hero, the returned acquire a powerful new weapon (DKR- Bomb, MLP- Amulet).

Once the weapon is in hand, they break the hero (Batman- literal, Twilight- spiritually) and banish said hero from their beloved town.  Now banished, the hero must seek help from an exotic outsider who mends the break and helps the hero grasp the solution they need to beat the villain.

Returned home, the hero defeats the antagonist by uniting with and utilizing allies that the villain thought neutralized or of no consequence.  Thus vanquished, the hero lives happily ever after.

OR maybe this episode was all about how power corrupts.


+1 bonus shell for making me think of Batman.


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