Cure for Hellatus – Fresh Meat

I’m only going to say this several times: if you like SPN, pick up this book.

Yes, even if (like me) you want to deny everything that is post S5.  However there is very little in this book that really ties it to any one period of the boys’ adventures.  A few mentions of something that is happening to Sam and… that’s it.  Just mentally excise them out and you’re good.

This is a book that seriously goes for broke.  It’s just… between the covers, the bros (and Bobby) face:

  • The main target (which I won’t spoil).
  • Ghost.
  • Vampires.
  • The elements.

Yeah, you think you had a bad week?  I wanted to buy Sam & Dean a drink after all this.

However… it’s not quite perfect “enough” to warrant the full 5 shell rating.  First problem is that the author keeps making reference to vampires’ “silvery eyes”.  Except vampires in SPN don’t have silver eyes, that’s shapeshifters (unless there’s one random mention or occurrence in a single episode I’ve forgotten).  Another problem is that that boys endure almost a little too much damage in this.  I mean I know the human body can be durable, but after what all they’ve went through they should be majorly bruised and bloodied for several months.  Certainly as an author I can understand the temptation of, when given an “invincible” character (like a vampire), putting your characters through hell, but in this instance one gets the feeling that “plot armor” is being grossly abused.  The last problem is that a few action scenes get confusing.  The worst is probably Sam’s battle on the outcropping.

But, if you can overlook all that, this is a great ride, and would be my second choice for adapting into “Supernatural: the Movie” after Rite of Passage.  Otherwise not much else to go over.  It’s pretty basic and straightforward story to its credit, since in my experience, survival stories work best when they’re kept somewhat simplified.

Two great books in a row? I’m starting to feel spoiled. 😉


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