MLP:ER – One Bad Apple

And welcome to Friendship Fridays, where the morals are made up and the scrip don’t matter.

Except here lately (maybe it’s faded by now), “bullying” has become the cause de jour of all the “popular” people in media & politics which means just one wrong joke about this episode and suddenly I’m new Hitler.

I don’t know, this is one of those causes that just bugs me.  Yeah, I was bullied as a kid too (I may have even done some bullying a few times, just me being young and stupid) but I don’t remember any “big movements” to end it back then.  But now we all have to condemn and legislate against it because… ???

Look I wish nobody was bullied.  I also wish nobody was ever murdered but I’m still in favor of a person arming themselves and/or learning some self defense.  Kids are going to have to learn to deal with difficult people (unless you want to homeschool them).  Life itself is difficult, should we not let kids learn to preserve through hardships?  I hate to see a child’s tears too (and adults shouldn’t actively draw them out), but tears more than milk make bones strong, and hearts stronger (one might say it is training for facing much worse evils later in life).  Should adults permit it?  No!  But neither should we become overzealous crazy nutters.  Especially because once legislated, we then enter the territory of precisely defining bullying.  Like many things, it can’t be easily defined.  Do you only count physical bullying?  Then what about malicious rumors and gossip?  Ban “hurtful words” as well?  Then you’ve just taken away free speech as anybody can throw anyone else to the law by saying, “their words hurt”.  No, the concept must instead remain fluid to best fit most situations.

Actually I do commend this show for smuggling in two morals at the same time.  While the kids can learn “tell and adult”, maybe some adults learned that it can be an infection to becoming a bully oneself. (something which it seemed like some in the anti-bullying movement have suffered from)

This episode did have a catchy song to it, and was… serviceable, but not up to the average the show has set up to this point.


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