MLP:ER – Too Many Pinkie Pies

Hello and welcome to Friendship Fridays: where the morales are made up and the script don’t matter.

So in this episode we see the grand old parable of He Who Fights Monsters and it’s impact upon the poor deteriorating sanity of Pinkie Pie.  Consider how, once upon a time, she so valiantly fought against the parasprites, only now to become a self-replicating menace herself that is overwhelming the town.  As Mr Dent said: “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”  Today… we had to watch Pinkie become that villain.  😦  It would have only been more perfect had her clones been led away by a parasprite one-man band.

Wait.  Maybe it’s all about how importing masses of cheap labor without any restraint or control leads to chaos and destruction of your local culture and…

No that’s not right.  Ah!  This episode was a retelling of the Dark Knight with Pinkie Pie clones representing the infectious insanity the Joker spread throughout Gotham…


Ah!  Got it!  This episode was about the need to ensure that cloning reminds banned, because if not, we know that it will end up being the most annoying people who get cloned.

Obviously, add a shell or two if you’re a big Pinkie fan.


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