Dear Liz

Well I’m working on getting some writing projects finished up and sent to some editors (so I can share with ya’ll soon) so… letter time!

The lovely Liz who’s beauty is only eclipsed by her talents has written a long comment regarding season 8 which I’ve decided to write a lengthy reply to.

I haven’t been a fan of Supernatural long but I caught up in a short amount of time and am looking for someone to discuss it with.

There is only one response…

One of us!

I am on the fence as to how I feel overall about this season. Especially when I take into account in who’s hands the show was left with. A part of me wants to ignore all the inconsistencies and just accept whatever the writers give us for the love of the show because I want more of it.

May I recommend my “Cure for Hellatus” series where I review a lot of the extra SPN material out there.  Some of the books and comics (well… maybe 2 comics) can fill that hankering, plus there’s always the RPG if you want to try running the show on your own. 😉 (GM and other players not included)  The anime I can also recommend.

Barring all that, there’s always Fanon Discontinuity.

But I can’t help but fear for what showrunners and writers have in mind now that Kripke seems to have abandoned it. Recently I heard that Ben Edlund is joining Kripke and no longer working on SPN either.

Now you know the sensations we old fans had back in the day when season 6 was announced.  And losing the creator of the Tick?  That’s a blow I don’t think the show will quite recover from.  Say what you will about Edlund, he was at least willing to stretch the show and had some great humor moments.

Robert Singer is becoming worrisome in that his vision for the show seems to be just about the brothers and nobody else. I understand thats’s the basis of the show but I would hope that in the end the brothers leave behind a family or at least someone that remembers what they did as actual deeds that can be told in a way that differ Carver Edlund books. Instead of just fading and nobody ever knowing that what they did was real (in their universe of course).

I think the best way of putting it is that in the early series, it was about the boys dealing with a hostile, crazy universe.  Nowadays the show is more about about the universe dealing with the boys.  True, it’s not like the bros haven’t earned that, but it loses some of the punch compared to when Dean was just a guy with “a G.E.D. and a give ’em hell attitude”.  Of course this is another problem with long running forms of media.  The ending to season 5 was perfect and fit with all themes, progressions, etc.  The more years we get, the more it feels like the only satisfying ending for the boys is a standing ovation by the U.N. (and rest of the world) if not the entirety of Heaven itself.

I would never stop watching but it seems that watchers must lower their standards as the show comes to an end.

And now… Rambling time! (though I think this might be relevant by the end)

When I was in scouts, they were teaching us wilderness survival.  Why do people go in circles when lost?  Because when they’re lost they go in a direction until they find something familiar.  Then they wander around until finding something else familiar, all this time thinking they are “back tracking” their path.  Unfortunately a lot of the landmarks look familiar because the lost folks saw them not two minutes ago.  Thus people keep going in circles.  Likewise I’ve noticed that when some long form media just wanders around, they end up going in circles and repeating themselves.  Why?  Because they note what gets the positive reactions from fans & critics so they do more of that.  And more and more until suddenly seven years have passed like a groundhog day.

The solution we were told in training was to pick something a ways off that was distinct – like a unique tree or rock outcropping (or whatever) – and then head towards that object in as close to a straight line as you could.  Then upon reaching it, pick a new object further in that same direction and repeat until you finally get somewhere (that’s hopefully civilized).  Now compare to SPN: In the Kripke era, there was a clear destination and end goal in mind, with each season having one specific goal they worked towards to move along the path. (1: Find Dad, 2: Find Azazel, 3: Save Dean, etc)

Now we don’t have that so the show just keeps going in circles…

I have a big place in my heart for this show. If I can leave with a question: How do you think the show will end? Or if you will: How do you want the show to end?

1) At this point I really don’t know.  If we assume that Singer aims for his vision up to season 10 and the show ends there (instead of being picked up for more) I would say… the boys probably make that universe most like our own.  Hell, Heaven, maybe even Purgatory are all closed.  Monsters are all eliminated and maybe even something is done to keep ghosts from ever bothering anybody.  This will probably cost both brothers their lives – permanently, but they’ll get to find all their family and friends in Heaven.

2) Season 5.  Ok, somewhat seriously, there’s one answer I can’t share yet (but hopefully you’ll get to see soon) but the other… I would have the boys end up retiring to live semi-normal lives with good women and a kid or two.  However, both brothers end up being “Men of Letters” in their old ages as they set up training and instruction and aid for new hunters to keep fighting.  Either in secret (thus making them the new Bobby(s)) or they actually make a larger difference and end up becoming the heads of new security agencies (either in the US or UN).  Maybe they can call the BPRD. 😉

Hope that answers your questions, Liz and stop by anytime. 🙂


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