Episode Review – Clip Show

Eh, not bad.




What?  It’s always hard to review the season’s penultimate episodes because they’re always a “part 1” of a two parter, even if the titles don’t officially say so.  So this episode is all build up, moving the plot points into place for the finale.

It was great to see flashbacks to the ancient past of season 1, and this is one time clips were actually useful!  I’ve been rewatching the core 5 and I still needed reminders on who these people were – mostly because a lot changes in 7 years.  Sarah still looks good though, shame she had to die to give the middle finger to all of us Sam/Sarah shippers (all the more reason to not acknowledge the apocrypha seasons).  Kudos however to Crowley for taking the war to the boys in a new way.  This is what I’m always on about, you don’t always have to end the world to have gut-wrenching, suspenseful endings.

Couple of lore things: yeah it was stupid of the boys to not search for a hex bag or to even relocate Sarah to a safehouse, but it is kind of in character and believable for them to overlook something in the stress.  Surprised though that Crowley didn’t resort to something more mundane like a sniper or a bomb.

Second… ok so Catholicism has some kind of power in this universe, obviously.  Their exorcisms have effect, rosaries make holy water, and this episode we learn that going to confession purifies a guy’s blood.  Fair enough but… what does that mean about the eucharist?  If confession has some kind of effect, then obviously it seems that there might be some transubstantiation effect that would affect demons.  Heck, the blood and body are supposed to purify and redeem humans, so force-feeding them to the target should be more effective than the blood transfusion (or rather, blood injection of a powerful being – which is the least we can say about Jesus in this world – would probably have more effect than just regular human juice).  On the other hand, it could be explained that the eucharist would be TOO powerful and might destroy the demon before “curing” it.

Although if Sam is being “purified’ as he believes he is, does he need to go to confession or can he just start mainlining his blood into the subject?  And, we know that demons are an unholy combination of human souls (aka ghosts) and some archangel mojo (although there’s obviously more potential metaphysics to discuss here).  If a demon is “cured”, theoretically that means it is restored to being a human soul.  The demon was possessing a body.  Which may already have a human soul in it.  So… what happens?  Multiple personalities?  Soul overload?  If Crowley is the one that gets cured, then it is a good thing he seems to be able to create his own body.

Oh and didn’t Metatron say only humans could close heaven/hell?  But now he & Castiel are going to do it?  Place your bets now folks, mess up by the writers or a clue about how things are going to go to shit next?


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