Episodes Reviewed – Pac-Man Fever & the Great Escapist

Pac-Man Fever

Hey it’s Felicia Day again!  Uh oh… she keeps this up she’ll hit the guest star quota and be killed off soon.  (At least Kevin is currently drawing the eye of the show runners so she might be safe until he bites it.)

Still, even though as a male geek I’m obligated to love Miss Day, even I have to admit that her character this episode is dangerously close to Mary Sue status.  L33t hacking skills?  Fine.  Awesome game prowess?  Plausible.  Master LARPer?  Um… ok.  Crack shot?  Ok, does the girl just not sleep?  Where did she find the time to fit that in?  Heck, you wouldn’t even need her to do that well to get to tag along, since we just saw Sam miss horribly.  Put all 3 shots on the paper, two in center mass would be just fine.  Besides, it’s been established in all 3 episodes that this character is pretty “leftist” in her views so… when did she get around to gun practice? (if you bring up FPS, I will pistol whip you with a super soaker!  those do NOT prepare you for wielding an actual gun)  Although that could be a subtle bit of character growth in that she’s at least now a lifetime member of the NRA after everything she’s been through. (and really, once you’ve dealt with Leviathan, wouldn’t you want to be armed?)

But after that hiccup, the episode rolls on to great heights as we see Charlie become a more charming Jo, a little less brash.  She’s eager to go to work, but nervous because she knows how dangerous it can be.  In some ways she seems a lot more like the little sister Dean & Sam never had than Jo ever did.

I am really glad they brought the jinn back.  Especially now that the Trickster is gone, it’s a shame the show makers haven’t been utilizing the jinn more to do odd and wacky worlds.  The only other disappointment I had was that there weren’t more references to the books.  Charlie’s reaction is one we haven’t seen (since usually we’ve seen superfans): someone gaining more insight into some folks they know than they ever considered.  (scary thought: how graphic did Chuck make the sex scenes?)

Kudos to Felicia for making me tear up just a bit at the ending, she really sold the scene.  I was expecting two things at the end:

  1. Charlie was going to steal the dream root and go hopping into her mom’s mind (which she would know exists because she would have read it in Dream a Little Dream of Me novel).  That would have hurt the character was kind of obvious, so kudos to the show for not taking that route.
  2. Then I was expecting Charlie to read to her mom one of the SPN books, to tell her a story about these guys she knew…  I’d dock a point here but, she pulls out the Hobbit.  It’s the freakin’ Hobbit!  Ya can’t count that against anyone!

the Great Escapist

Fun fact: you’ll notice this episode included a holodeck (pun intended towards Crowley’s set).  It was directed by one Robert Duncan McNeill.  Click the link if you don’t recognize that connection.

All in all, good stuff in this episode.  I wasn’t as thrilled though with the angels so casually executing a bunch of people, and was disappointed that we didn’t get a “triple agent” reveal with Crowley’s traitor.  The show’s almost getting comical in this regard.  How can anyone possibly be in Heaven if this many beings are just so innately evil?

Metatron (note: the show did their research with this, that is an actual angel) was awesome and well played by cool character actor Curtis Armstrong.  Pretty much the angel of geeks, can you just imagine if he and dead!Ash started working together?  So, two lore thoughts:

1) Sam talks about being purified.  I’m actually happy for him with all the crap he’s put up with and gone through life.  However, considering he was both without a soul and was Satan for awhile, could that mean his reaction to the trials is NOT typical?  That if Dean had chosen to go through them he might be in better shape? (especially being the sword of Micheal)

2) Then there’s… Crowley’s gun.

This is part of the problem with series running too long, it leads to canon paradoxes.  Take the episode Goodbye Stranger where Meg (presumably a demon even older than Crowley) knows about Lucifer’s crypts.  Which means, that way back in seasons 3 & 4, Lilith, the FIRST and OLDEST demon (also Satan’s wife – though that’s a relationship we don’t have enough time to analyze) never went after any of these crypts or the angel tablet.  Likewise, waaaay back in On the Head of a Pin, Alastair points out that Lilith would kill as many angels as she could, if she could.  So, during the entire war, she never bothered getting that tablet or an angel sword of her own to make bullets?

Ugh.  Still, not a bad arc episode.

Now, I present my overthought theory:

Ironically, the whole “angel bullet” idea would explain a lot about the Colt.  Say Samuel Colt gets a hold of an angel sword (which he can, he’s friggin’ Sam Colt!) and melts it down into thirteen bullets.  Then he builds a gun with some extra mystical mojo and walla! gun that can kill everything else the angel sword won’t.

So, what about season 3?  I think Ruby was wrong.  She and Bobby never really “fixed” the colt, just got it working enough to cover a few bases.  Since Ruby possessed and/or built a demon-killing knife, it seems likely she would know how to tweak some bullets.  Which is why it didn’t fully work on Lucifer.

And that’s what bugs me a bit about that whole season.  Had they left the gun “broken”, then they wouldn’t have to keep writing it out until eventually someone comes up with the whole “angel sword” ammo.  THEN, you have the limited ammo thing again because how easy can it be to get a hold of those swords?

So, Lucifer says 5 things can’t be killed by the colt.  If we assume it had the proper angel bullets, what would be those 5?  God, Death (unless you want to count them as the same “things”), Archangels, Reapers, Leviathans.  BUT, now here’s a real geek thought: what if it was an archangel sword that was changed into bullets and loaded?  That I could see taking out archangels and reapers. (yes, I’m STILL mad about Crowley stabbing that one reaper “to death”)

Just saying show runners: it’s not too late to grab this idea and run out the clock with it.  I’ll let you have the idea for just a tiny bit of credit.


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