MLP:ER – A Canterlot Wedding

Happy Derby day everyone!  And free comic book day!  And uh… I guess that’s it, nothing else going on today.

So, finished out season 2, and being a “serious” two parter with some actual continuity to it, this gets a straight review.

  • It was neat to see Twilight have a brother, though disappointing that Applejack didn’t join in the song to appreciate her big bro.
  • Nice touch that the “princess” (and soon to be sis-in-law) turned out to be a cool person all in all.  I actually felt a bit happy when we saw her run into TS again, and the poor, beat up dear was grateful to see a friend!
  • If you have a place where basically the SUN and the MOON stay, do you really need a royal guard at all?
  • Assuming the guard is for all the citizens of the city, why not just ask the citizens to move elsewhere where they won’t be attacked by power-hungry maniacs?
  • Great to see Luna peppered throughout.  It really helps reinforce the world building.
  • Forget biology or physics or any of that stuff – how the hell does civics work in this world?  Is every alicorn a princess?  Do they wield actual power beyond their magic or are they just figureheads like in England?
  • By marriage, is Shining Armor now a prince?  Does that make Twilight like… 85th in line for the throne?
  • Cool, the ponies fight changelings!  I hope there’s a lot more DS9 references I missed on first viewing.
  • Wait, the ponies are fighting changelings, why are they all outside the bubble attacking it?  Why didn’t Queeny have them all infiltrate as invited attendees?  Could you imagine the episode had Canterlot learned most of them were suddenly surrounded by the enemy?  Or if part of the mane six were replaced?  What if the changelings got their hands on the elements?  Could they use them? (among themselves, the changelings seem pretty harmonious)
  • So the changelings feed on feelings?  What if they got feelings honestly?  Like say… Queeny showed up in Ponyville and Pinkie became her friend?  The former should gain enough power to conquer ALL the alicorns.
  • Or what if she found a stallion that was just into her look?  If the internet starts fantasizing about the changeling queen too much… are we going to empower her???
  • Wait… is Cadance… did she use mind control?  OMF (oh my faust), what separates her from the queen other than one tipped her hand sooner? (yes, I’m refusing to use the queen’s name less she gain more power)
  • No, really, Pinkie loves everyone, so how can the smaller changelings not be getting a power boost just from being around her?  She’d totally poor all her love and affection into them.  They might have exploded from gorging themselves.
  • Are we paranoid enough?  Who else might be a changeling out there?  How do we know they really got Applejack back in the Last Roundup?  Did Cranky actually find Matilda?  Rainbow Dash was trapped under a rock and out of everyone sight for a long time…

Ah but it’s still not a bad episode.

Songs were a little mediocre and it’s a shame we didn’t see more about the full implication-


Sorry, seems there was a bit of a mixup in my score calculation.  What I meant to say was:


This episode was totally awesome!  Even if it overplayed a lot of pony fears.

So may the fourth be with you.  Be sure to leave a comment and give me lots of… love…


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