MLP:ER – Ponyville Confidential

In this episode we see how having the press focus on fluff over substance leads to…  Wait, that was the message of this episode.

Clearly we can see that to sell out your friends to score fame leaves one… Hang on, that was also the message of this episode.

Well, congrats MLP, you actually beat me to the punch.  Any over-the-top know-it-all know-nothing overthinker persona I might adopt (easy, since it’s so close to me anyway) to twist the moral of the episode would end up back where the message actually was anyway.  That’s impressive I admit.

So, not a bad episode overall.  Again, it tricks you if you’re familiar with the traditional storytelling methods.  I first thought it would be revealed that there were pictures of Diamond Tiara out there and the CMC would end up with a sort of mexican standoff with her.  Nope, the characters end up doing what they would have to in real life.  That’s what really makes the show work, I think.  The situations can be over the top and spiral out of control to comedic heights, but the solutions end up being very practical; doable by anyone (with some exceptions like the tribble parasprite episode).

Still, grading on the MLP curve, this is just slightly below average.  (Though if the show ever starts tanking and becoming awful, watch a lot of these scores get readjusted.)

Coming soon: We finish out season 2 so I can finally start reading the comic.  Now should the comic review be sensible or silly…


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