MLP:ER – Hurricane Fluttershy

I don’t know about you, but I for one am tired of all this crass commercialism in our culture!

I’m going to use ‘Nike’ in this review but really that’s just a stand-in for the general ‘sports-culture’ that suffuses America, but really you could put any of those shoe/sport companies in here and it would apply.

Every day it’s the same.  “Get out.”  “Do something physical.”  “You’re less of a human being (or pony in this case) if you don’t participate in sports.”  All summed up as “just do it” by the corporate bourgeoisie slogan.  All perfectly portrayed in this episode, where Fluttershy, wanting to do her own thing, is mocked and shamed into “participating” with the other pegasi.  She must “participate” with the others.  In our world, this is because a free thinker not engaging in the bread & circuses shatters the ‘illusion’ of sports value.  In Equestria, the illusion is more pronounced via tornadoes needed to ruin local water reserves and ecosystems (we all know rain will be made just fine with normal evaporation).  Failure to participate means the tornado ‘fades’ (like illusions) and the gathering of pegasi (like society) lose their purpose. This is best exemplified with the “Roid Rage” pony and his blind devotion to the culture.

So Fluttershy is shown as a malcontent, a threat to the tornado and gathering.  However, they can’t destroy her, that could just prove her point and further disprove the illusion.  No she must be forced to conform!  She must embrace the nike logo and ethos and “just do it”.

OR this could be a parable about overcoming your limits.  And how damaging bullying can be.

This is another episode where those more versed in traditional animation storytelling could be fooled.  The standard trope is that after the working out montage, Fluttershy would probably produce unheard of wing power.  Nope.  While she has improved, it’s a fairly realistic improvement.

Well ok, that does happen sometimes in stories.  So what follows?  Some dire situation happens where the character’s loved ones will be in trouble, and they’ll find hidden reserves of strength!  Yes, the tornado is about to fail… now Fluttershy will jump in and the tornado will hit speeds of OVER 9,000!  Um… no apparently not.  Apparently she’ll contribute a realistic improvement in line with her previously established abilities.

Damn.  This episode was more realistic than many shows about humans.  Good job, ponies.

Still, pretty standard episode for the show.

Again, we see Rainbow Dash showing more devotion to the truth than to her friends.  Just saying…


One thought on “MLP:ER – Hurricane Fluttershy

  1. “In Equestria, the illusion is more pronounced via tornadoes needed to ruin local water reserves and ecosystems (we all know rain will be made just fine with normal evaporation).”

    Nate, you simply must leave behind your old notions of “the laws of nature” when you enter the world of Equestria. The rules are different. It’s only the Everfree forest, which not under the control of the pastel-colored ponies, which resembles our world.

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