MLP:ER – Putting Your Hoof Down

Fluttershy was torn.

Her dragon was hungry and she had to keep him strong to become the enforcer of her will, someday.  So she was off to market.  Oh she hated the market.  So many… peasants milling about, hindering her plans.  She let them steal from her, though it only served to fuel the rage already boiling inside her.  She took note of that rude mare – she would be the first to die (and suffer).  No!  She must be calm.  Her plans to topple the alicorn tyrants must be followed, to reveal her capabilities so soon – where they might see – would be disastrous.  Oh sure, the ditz who galloped across the sky every day would be easy enough now that Fluttershy had her hooves deep within Celestia’s precious student, but the dark one that had been released – she was a problem.  By herself she had set Fluttershy’s plans back a decade at least.  Why oh why couldn’t they have blasted her to oblivion last year?  Of course there was still Pinkie and her master, Discord, but they were too wild to plan around.  No, she had to stick with the plan until they showed their move.  She hadn’t come this far to lose the game of thrones.

Curses!  Her insipid friends were here!  Rarity was of no concern, she would serve Fluttershy once promised all the jewels she could want, but Pinkie was undoubtedly reporting her moves to Discord.  She let them “help” her, then deliberately failed the test they placed her in as badly as she could in the hope they would leave her alone already.

Oh but there was someone new in town.  Someone… she could use.  Yes, he would make the perfect general to lead her stormtroopers.  He was per– Curses!  He had spotted her!  Ok, no big deal, she just had to play up her wilting flower act.  But he was granting her license to finally cut lose!  To let her true glory shine!

Of course the peasants couldn’t bear it, but how could she stop?  So many years spent hiding, it was a relief!  However, Rarity (her planned figurehead) and Discord’s disciple were expressing concern.  She was going to ruin all her hard work, there was no choice but to let Angel restrain her, she must regain control!  Oh no!  The minotaur had come for his money.  Fluttershy walked outside, ready to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse – if it wasn’t for her “helpful” “friends” that were standing within earshot.  She was forced to politely turn him away, while planting a seed in his mind… she was worth listening to.  When the time was right, he would join her.  She would see that he was paid plenty…

Hey, I enjoyed this episode and kind of like minotaurs as a fantasy species.  It was especially nice to see an antagonist that was actually a decent chap.  Too often writers seem to have this idea that for conflict to ensue, somebody (or multiple) has to be an asshole.  Well Iron Will really skirted that line between assertive, and jerk, remaining likable to the end.


One thought on “MLP:ER – Putting Your Hoof Down

  1. Ah, my favorite of the Season 2 Fluttershy episodes. She finally comes out of her shell and starts asserting herself against all the mean ponies who cut her in line, deliver the wrong mail to her house, or just plain push her around. As this is Fluttershy, the extremely timid and moe pony, it’s amusing to see her become a bully and terrorize Ponyville, since she does it a cute way consistent with her character. I’m even willing to consider there was some grain of truth in Fluttershy’s harsh criticism of Pinkie’s partying and Rarity’s fashion obsession.

    You might have noticed a bit of continuity in “Dragon Quest,” where instead of her friends dragging her against her will to another dragon adventure like in “Dragonshy,” Fluttershy instead beats up Rainbow Dash and makes a hasty escape out a window.

    Clearly, cult leader Fluttershy is demonstrating that she’s ready to start her conquest of Equestria… Oh, wait, wrong show….

    P.S. I think ‘Putting Your Hoof Down’ has some of the best facial reactions in the whole series.

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