MLP:ER – Dragon Quest

Ok, I give up.

There are… certain groups that are very active and vocal on the internet, particularly when taking offense.  This episode is very… symbolic of said group.  So how in the world could I critique this episode without that group up in arms?  (I don’t go out of my way to offend people, or at least to make it so over the top it becomes funny.)

Actually said group isn’t really an issue.  Most I’ve come across are pretty cool.  It’s usually other people being offended on behalf of the first.  There’s no telling how much more peaceful society could be if everyone stopped pitching a fit on behalf of others. (Oh who am I kidding, we’d find something else to fight over.)  Then there’s the sense this episode’s script was written by a brony expressing anger issue.

Still, what really separated the ponies from the dragons?  Athletic competitions?  No, ponies do that.  Stealing eggs from other creatures?  Um… Nope. (note I’m not counting Fluttershy since we all know she’s gathering an army for her eventual coup – best to start with the youth)  Swim in lava I guess.  This episode really should have followed closer to Secret of My Excess with Twilight at least a little concerned about what happened to her Spikey and – like him – wanting to know more about what he is.

Not bad but not quite up to average.  At least this episode gave us CRACKLE!  Best dragon! (seriously, I need a Discord and Crackle for my shelf)


Crackle best dragon!

Hmm… I somehow seem to have overlooked “putting your hoof down”.


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