Episodes Reviewed – Goodbye, Stranger & Freaks and Geeks & Taxi Driver

So what have the Winchesters been up to?

Goodbye, Stranger

What is this unholy abomination of Caged Heat with Swan Song?  Or rather, Caged Heat with grandpa removed and the ending of Swan Song tacked on which still improved it.  Although I am sad to see Meg go (I was hoping she’d last all the way to become the last season Big Bad) that would be a small price to pay to put an end to all these silly shippings with her and Castiel.  Am I the only one that seems the problem here?  In the SPN verse, angels & demons see each other for what they really are, meaning that Cas could burn out Meg’s eyes if he ever stepped out of his meat suit and Meg is one of the most hideous visions imaginable.  What could possibly attract them to each other?  And then they want to hint at something between Naomi & Crowley?  No dice.

All in all, deja vu for hardcore fans who have watched every episode but the show runners seem intent on ignore their own continuity for some stupid shipping fuel.  Blegh.

Freaks and Geeks

I was looking forward to this one.  The concept of training hunters is something that grows more and more pressing upon the show the longer it runs.  Though it was disappointing to have the teacher “betray” them in the end, something I was expecting to happen the moment he appeared on screen.  Had they wanted to make this episode actually shocking, they would have played the instructor completely legit with the vampire inadvertently playing recruiter.  With said vampire later creating scapegoats to try and get these hunters off his trail.  It was nice to see Krissy back, even if she’s a big brat, it’s pretty accurate for a teenager.  Ironic that, if she was a little older, she’d probably be the perfect girl for Dean.

Episode gets a standard score because it at least allowed the villain to make a legitimate and fair point.  Hunters do need to step up their game, the Leviathan were a sign of that.  Now if Dean could just get over his stupid “being hunter means dying” shtick.  Hey stupid, how many “ignorant” people have you guys saved or failed to?  Being a hunter is just like being a cop or soldier.  The former aren’t the only ones victimized by crime and the latter aren’t they only ones killed by armies.  The world needs you guys, and more like ya’ll.

Taxi Driver

This is one of those episodes that is really awesome on first viewing… then grows problems upon reflection.


  • The Purgatory & Hell sequences were awesome.
  • Benny got to kick major ass and exit the show as… not a traitor or anything.  Good for him.
  • Naomi actually acknowledges Dean has no reason to trust her, and then shows up to do something for him and not be a bitch about it.  (One of my problems with Ruby initially, a character that said “trust me” in one sentence then “don’t” in the next.  Not a way you infiltrate people.)
  • That Purgatory has a backdoor to Hell which Crowley didn’t know about (meaning he kind of wasted season 6) is humorous to me.


  • Angel swords can kill reapers?  Even though in season 4 it was established that the only way to kill death was with Death’s sickle (a nice little paradox).  Just… no.  It would have been more entertaining had Crowley actually paid the reaper more to leave Sam hanging.  Seriously, this is one of the same type of being that stood near Lucifer when he summoned up their boss.  I just can’t buy him really being that scared of Crowley.
  • Bobby’s soul went to hell because of Crowley’s orders?  …no!  If that was the case… then why didn’t Lucifer put out an APB on Sam’s soul to be delivered to Hell for Satan’s convenient pickup if Sam ever died?  (Would have screwed up Dark Side of the Moon, wouldn’t it?)  Had they revealed instead that say… Bobby wasn’t as free of his contract as he initially thought, that would have been acceptable.
  • Hey, you know someone else that is down there and could stand to be rescued?  How about… THEIR BROTHER, ADAM!  Yeah it probably would have been hard, but that could have made a better episode or a really great two-parter.
  • They want to get into hell so they ask… a crossroads demon?  They don’t ask… Castiel, who’s pulled both bros out of there? (sort of)  Or Death himself?  They didn’t have to, but it would have been nice to see them acknowledge and at least try those options.  Wait!  Both of them have gone to Hell before, why do they even have to ask anyone?
  • Doesn’t Hell have a time dilatation effect or something?  If a month down there is roughly ten years, then 24 hrs is… four months.  Realistically either Sam spent a lot more time searching, or he and Bobby should have gotten out, only to realize they still had 20+ hours to wait on the reaper (in Purgatory, how fun).

And that’s all I can think of at the moment.  The positives carry enough weight to boost this up, but the negatives are still pretty steep.

Just… wish they had rescued Adam.


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