Quick Notes

Well my internet is down again, making me wonder if I should find some other method of blogging. (You all have RSS [Readable Smoke Signals] right?)

So some quick notes on things I hope to write more about later.

Dr Who – Happy 50th, Doctor!  Yeah I finally got around to watching a complete episode.  I admit it’s not bad.  In fact it kind of reminds me of MLP:FiM in that it’s not ashamed to wear its heart on its sleeve.  And some days you like a bit of entertainment like that.  (oh and Karen Gillan is ridiculously hot)

Legend of Korra – Finished it.  Loved it.  Though it felt obvious that they were trying to compress a potential half season or more worth of story into the last ten minute.

MLP: Dragon Quest – This is what happens when you allow the “meta text” of your media to become “the text”.  Reviewing this is like trying to do the dance number of a musical in the middle of a minefield.

SPN: Goodbye Stranger – Who let this lovechild of Caged Heat and Swan Song out of its cage?

Work on some writing projects since I have nothing better to do in the meantime.  Hopefully will be able to share them when I return.


2 thoughts on “Quick Notes

  1. Readable Smoke Signals are the best!

    In regards to LoK, YES, oh my word. That’s the one thing that bugged me about the season–I thought the second season (which had been confirmed when the last episode came out) was going to be about Korra rediscovering her abilities and being forced to rely solely on airbending. NOPE, resolved in the last ten minutes.

    I guess it was done well, for what it was, and Aang showing up and talking to her was foreshadowed, but it really felt like they came up with it when they heard they were only going to have one season, and never had a chance to fix it once they got a second season.

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