Legend of Korra – And the Winner is… & The Aftermath

And the winner is…

One reason I do enjoy doing a “review as I go” format is that… well I do like it when a show gets to prove me wrong.  So when I complained earlier that the show wasn’t quite doing enough to make the Equalists “villains” here we go with a prime example!  I even like that while I find their actions to be completely horrifying and reprehensible (to me terrorism – covering any possible form of terrorizing whether it’s 1 person or many – is like killing: only acceptable in very narrow parameters), some could still make a good case for the movement.

I also like that it wasn’t confirmed (and I’m hoping it’s not) what really happened with the Wolfbats and the refs.  Sure the refs were paid off, but who did it?  Maybe Amon did it to make his entrance and “retribution” more dramatic.  It would be a brilliant PR move. (plus you can explain away some of the fight’s actions as the WB’s steadily testing what they can get away with)  It’s also great to get more info about “pro-bending” (yeah there’s probably extra-show material on it but I like piecing it together as we go along) although as a gamer, some rules I couldn’t help but wonder.

Otherwise this was just a very entertaining action piece.  However I can tell I’m getting older as in several spots I was shocked we weren’t seeing more injuries upon a characters.  Highly recommended Must see.

the Aftermath

And I admit, if I was pressured to guess Amon’s identity, I would have picked Hiroshi. (which I keep forgetting to mention, doesn’t his story sound familiar?)  So credit to the show for surprising me partially (he’s not Amon, but is on the same side).  Then… steampunk mechs?  Oh hell yes! (have I mentioned this series was awesome?)  Does it make sense?  Like the platypus-bear: who cares??  Sometimes it’s just about being along for the ride.

It was a kick to see Tenzin is one of the last to fall.  In a world full of benders, there’s still only 1 airbender left (or 1 3/4ths if you want to be technical) so the surprise factor is definitely on Tenzin’s side.  Plus it’s cool to see a more serious, kick-ass “aang” (even if it’s just his son).  Heck logically the airbenders should be the most terrifying and powerful of the 4.  Rock on big Ten!

Finally, the show keeps Korra from getting Mary Sue status by making her “rival”, Asami… actually a cool character who’s nice, does the right thing, etc.  She may be an “antagonist” in that she’s working against Korra’s romantic ambitions but that doesn’t make her bad or evil (unless you’re some kind of crazy shipper – but I repeat myself).  Here’s hoping she gets a happy ending.  Highly recommended Must see.


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