MLP:ER – A Friend in Deed

You know, I have to admit I was wrong.  Originally I thought Big Macintosh was the patron pony of this blog.  No, it’s clearly Cranky Donkey.


Yep, totally the spirit of this place.

So yes, I finally got around to the MLP:FiW views and found them… ok.  Neigh Soul Sister is by far my favorite episode though I enjoy some of the jokes here and there (like the element switch).  However, I think it is wrong.  Fluttershy isn’t the leader of a cult.


Yep, we all know Pinkie Pie is the Nutter-jelly of the Discord faith (of course that religion doesn’t have proper titles).  Here we see her practice ingratiating herself among the town (especially the young minds so she can better mold them to follow her lord).  Obviously she makes her move only when Fluttershy is not in sight since FS is the only serious competition for Equestria’s power.

The episode starts with Pinkie doing her best to draw the newest souls of Ponyville into the herd.  After that, she demonstrates her previously established short term memory problems by showing that her long term memory is – if anything – superior.  Clearly unlike the star of Momento, Pinkie’s short term memory difficulties are a self-inflicted mental exercise to better prepare her acceptance of Discord’s eventual ascendance.  All Discordians must train themselves to remember how sad and pathetic the pre-chaos world was (after all: no chocolate rain) yet without short-term memory, they are better able to go with the flow of constant changes.  They can embrace the shifting world without going insane from said shifting.

So we see Pinkie Pie lead the entire town in a cleverly disguised hymn.  We know it’s a hymn because we see her chaos powers grow stronger as the song goes on, and who is Discord but one who longs to see everyone smile.  Whether they want to or not.  Like this new fellow!  He’s more than just a new recruit for the cult, Cranky Donkey is belligerent and mopey.  As Christians show fealty by serving the poor and needy, Pinkie will demonstrate her fealty towards her lord by enforcing smiles.

At first she tries some simple bribery; a few “goodies” that await those who serve Discord loyally.  Ah but Cranky is too contrarian and won’t be easily seduced (he’s probably one of those militant atheists).  She tries to break his pride to humble him into being more receptive then bribing him again – but this too fails.  So Pinkie approaches her friends, but they are still not true believers, and offer her the solution of “giving up”.  Of course, the great Discord will not cotton to any such despair by his followers so Pinkie spins it as a “new tactic” and goes running off to resume her mission.  Thankfully the powers granted her being the grand-cheesecake (somewhat equivalent of “prophet” in other religions) allows her to pursue Cranky no matter how much effort he puts into escaping.  She has his name: he will not escape.

Of course in the end she finally finds the chink in his armor and at last, another convert has taken the first tentative step towards the true faith: Chaos.

OR maybe it’s all about how sometimes, you should try really listening to someone instead of just rambling on and on.  Pinkie Pie finally made a friend when she really paid attention to Cranky’s possessions and statements.  Though I can’t blame the show for making CDD a “friend” at the end (even partially in character I suppose), it could have also ended with Cranky moving from loathing, to tolerating Pinkie.  Kids should learn that sometimes, not everyone will be your friend but you should still do some things just because it’s the right thing to do.

Still, 4 shells for an entertaining piece and Pinkie Pie’s most fearsome antagonist yet.  Now all you kids get off mah lawn!


One thought on “MLP:ER – A Friend in Deed

  1. …Now I’m trying to figure out what the pony version of a donkey is. (I have actually met donkey/pony mules, which might have triggered this.)

    We have ponicorns, ponasi, ponies and… ponkies?

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