Episode Review – Remember the Titans

What is up with SPN having two episodes in row where the title gives it away.

Well I was a bit confused in the opening as I thought the hit & run driver and victim were the same guy (hey, all those bearded types look alike), but once act 1 got going with a bird eating the victim’s side and his resurrection… well given the title it was obvious we were dealing with Prometheus.

While I often enjoy SPN’s take on things their record with pagan gods is spotty.  For instance, why is it that the Greeks’ Prometheus actually gave us fire and not one of the many other ancient religion parallels?  Why is that detail accurate but not his being freed by Herakles or Artemis’ infamous virginity? (actually if you think about it, a “modernized” image of Artemis would be pretty nerdy)  Heck Zeus was always a bit of a dick, but he could be merciful now and then.  He had nuance to him like all characters given to long story arcs.  So while I somewhat like the actor’s portrayal of Zeus, I wasn’t happy with the writing.  Or how about having a being for once that doesn’t have telekinesis/pinning powers.  Really it’s becoming a worse drinking game than “Winchesters drop their guns/tools/whatever”.

And really?  A kid in danger?  SPN usually prides itself on twisting cliches, not reveling in them.  I especially wasn’t happy with the way they treated Artemis.  She’s the goddess of virginity!  Yes that could create some hilarious tension between her and the guys (since she’s also over hunting). Heck, most ancient myths were just Law & Order episodes with literally larger than life characters (nowadays the only myth-figures involved are Fred Thompson).  What was Sam training to be when he went to Stanford?  A LAWYER!  Have him mention taking a mythologies course as an elective for his degree, then argue the case that Artemis should help him & Dean against her dad.  It would have at least been more memorable than the “remember what love was?” scene we got.  Look, off the top of my head, here’s how things should have gone:

Prometheus turns up.  Eventually finds the guys.  Turns out, after all the apocalypse shenanigans awhile back, he was freed and has spent the last 3 years looking for the Winchesters.  He figures with everything they’ve accomplished, freeing him from his curse.  Why?  Well he figures humanity owes him for that whole “fire” thing ya know.  How are they going to do so?  They invoke Artemis with a worship ritual to aid them.  Give them the secrets, summon Zeus, bit of a court scene and/or fight depending on how you want it, episode wrap.

Then there’s the prayer…

While I know some things have healed between Dean & Castiel, I just don’t believe they have done so enough for Dean to pray to him – especially when a few episodes back they saw Castiel acting suspiciously.  Plus, Dean knows there is a God of gods, he’s met the equal of that being: Death (at least, that’s the duality of the SPN universe), heck he just met Artemis.  Any of which would make a bit more sense for him to pray to.  Yeah he’s not happy with Jehovah at the moment, but angry prayers are the stuff of drama and are a staple of Judeo-Christianity.  Plenty of prophets and saints both have prayed angry prayers and that… would have really made the scene more powerful.  Or maybe have him make a “deal” with Artemis to protect Sam.  Only instead of his soul, Dean has to give up say… sex (which for him might be worse).  Again, a scene that Jensen makes work because he’s a good actor but the writers should have handled better and stepped further out of their box.

I am giving this episode an extra shell because the last five minutes of the episode.  Prometheus pushing the arrow through and the camera work on the funeral pyre were both superb.


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