MLP:ER – Read it and Weep & Hearts and Hooves Day

Read it and Weep

Oh come on!  I can’t really do my usual stuff with this episode!  I’ve always loved reading and that one show about it because LeVar Burton is the man.  In fact, my first nerdgasm was the time he did a crossover episode going behind the scenes with Star Trek (“Two things I love together?  This is what joy is!” -7 year old me).  So how can I hate on an episode that shows another soul discovering the simple joy of books?  Plus tributes to Indiana Jones smuggled into it too?

So not a lot to say here.  Though I think it’s a shame we saw RD breaking into the hospital instead of the library.  I would have liked some Ocean’s 11 shenanigans involving ninja!RD and Spike and/or Owlowiscious.  Also, why bother with the cold opening when this episode could have easily been a sequel to the pet tryouts.  (Plus, wouldn’t you love to hear the movie trailer voice going “Last time on My Little Pony…”)

Man, so little to talk about this episode, I’ll have to grab another.

Hearts and Hooves Day

Oh man… so many temptations to make horse breeding references…  Don’t worry, I’ll try to reign myself in.  Though since I’ve seen how stallions behave around a mare in heat, I was stamping my feet to avoid laughing too hard at the stallion/mare talk in this episode.  Though I could do an analysis in the style of internet relations… feminist or manospherist… hmm…

As Derpy is the patron pony for the RPG Catholic, Big Macintosh would be my pick for patron pony of here (or Twilight, I’m sure I’ll change my answer tomorrow).  So yes I was a sucker for an episode putting the spotlight on him.  At least they didn’t buck things and change his voice – no matter how terrifying it was to hear him say those… words.  Plus you know he has to be tied down on the farm with all of his chores so he may not have much time to trot among the mares.  Though really with that equine power of his, you know he’d be the pimp daddy Sokka of Ponyville.  Heck he may not even be a pony but a full fledged draft horse (give me length enough I can make the genetics work).  Here’s hoping he finds some lucky mare to sire some fine specimens with.

His and Cheerilee’s trolling of the CMCs at the episode close was awesome.  It almost made up for THE SADDEST MOMENT IN TELEVISION (if you exclude Fry’s dog)


3 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Read it and Weep & Hearts and Hooves Day

  1. That Chubby Pony…his cutie mark appears to be two bottles. Wait a minute: BEER bottles?

    ……BY KROM! The Chubby Pony is that universe’s version of The Most Interesting Man In The World!

    “Stay Pony, My Friends.”

  2. Dude! Big Mac/Fluttershy. It’s meant to be.

    Anyway, we need a whole series of Daring Do. Or at least some shorts. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Like three or five minute shorts the Hub released on Youtube… please… *woobie eyes*

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