MLP:ER – the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

Ironic I didn’t review this episode a week ago when my family and I were attending the National Farm Machinery show in Louisville, KY.  Which is really cool and has some of the best food you’ll ever eat so I advise anyone to stop by at least one year unless you’re a vegan and/or have trouble keeping your mouth shut around rednecks (I’m just saying this isn’t a forum for political discussion).

Then here we go with a MLP episode about… the Apples vs machine?

Ok, the whole “man vs machine” motif works well enough when you’re talking about something like a job being replaced but farmers?  They’re the only group that absorb new technology faster than geeks/nerds.  Why?  Because farming is HARD work.  You think you work hard?  Go farm for a week and see if you survive.  Farmers love anything that’s going to make their day easier because nobody likes back-breaking labor (well there is enjoyment to labor, but everyone wants to deal less with the back-breaking part).  Also?  Better tech = better results which = more money.  Who doesn’t like money?  There’s a reason it’s a common trope that farmers are always on the verge of bankruptcy.  Yeah between the zap apples and the cider the Apple family might not lose the farm any day now (unless they make a stupid bet) but they can’t be that well off to give up this wonderful addition to their production.

So I don’t quite believe the Apple family is going to be that reluctant to accept a machine that would simplify their lives and bring a profit within a few seasons.  Yeah they probably wouldn’t want it as is, but farmers mod their equipment all the time (one of the selling points of many tractors and machinery is how easily they can be adapted to fit needs).  I mean in this show about unicorns and pegasi and dragons I found that to be the most unrealistic part.

Only half kidding.  At least this episode had a good lesson on economics: Just because you can win at volume, doesn’t mean you’ll win at quality.  Even potentially favorable price points won’t be enough to help you if your product is bad enough.  I’m actually glad because usually tv is always very bad at portraying how capitalism would actually work in the worlds portrayed.  Yeah money can help in a lot of things, but it won’t solve every problem or give any guarantees to life.

Giving it a lower score since it’s too unrealistic and I wasn’t too happy with the subtle message of “don’t innovate, people”.  Plus, 2 AJ episodes in a row?  Shouldn’t we spread the focus around a bit?


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