Episode Review – Trial and Error & Man’s Best Friend with Benefits

(and… with problems on old design, let’s update – let me know what you think)

I was going to try review T&E before MBFwB premiered but now I’m glad I didn’t.

Quick overview:

T&E – Entertaining enough, nice call backs to older episodes.  Generally well done.  Didn’t Dean have his own room before Sam was born?  Well… we’ll give that line a pass as he probably doesn’t remember it that well.  It’s nice to see him return more to the “homestead” fella he’s always been deep down.

MBFwB – Witches remain the only “monster” on the show with an undefeated record.  Was nice some to see a regular human using their knowledge of that universe for a positive use besides hunting.  Though the title pretty much gives away the entire “twist”.

Of course the big revelation between the two is the “how to” of the main macguffin of the season: closing Hell.

If the show really wanted to do a twist this season, it would have both Winchesters qualifying in the trials.  I was annoyed at the end of T&E with Sam turning down Dean’s efforts because 1) wasn’t there more than one hell hound there?  They both should have been able to finish one off and 2) if you have something as “big” as closing down Hell, should we really have all our eggs in one basket?

At least they partially discuss it in MBFwB except the most saliant point: “we need more than one” they dismiss with a “you don’t trust me, Dean?”

Never have I wanted to smack Sam so much.  Look, in the past you both have had a sort of “shield” on you.  Until season 5, Heaven & Hell both wanted you two alive for vessel purposes.  Season 6, the big bad was too attached to both of you to bother with ya.  Season 7 was the first one where both of you were in real danger from the season arc but the final episode was somewhat excusable as the leviathan-slaying weapon was hard enough to make that only one of you could have it.  But now?  Now, you guys are going full on war against Hell and all its forces.  Agendas that may have once opposed Crowley are now going to be more than willing to team up with him now since you & bro are now the bigger threats.  And since Crowley never was a fan of Satan, he has several incentives to see you dead.

Maybe the writers will pull themselves out of it in another episode or two but right now it’s insanity for the Winchesters to have just one completing the trials.  Heck, they should be recruiting a whole group of hunters, priests and Shriners to help out (or even fans in a potential reality/promo game).  Let’s stretch the envelope this season!


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