MLP:ER – the Last Roundup

ZOMG was this not the best episode yet of MLP:FiM?  No… one of the best episodes of television PERIOD.  So original.  So magnificent!

After a cold opening of Applejack practicing, we get to the party with her send off.  Thankfully they gave Derpy Hooves a completely normal voice and didn’t make her distinct or unique in any way.  The last thing we want in this show is anything that would stick in the viewer’s mind, blah.  Then AJ heads off into…

Wow!  A mystery!  Something’s happened to AJ and we don’t know what.  Was it kidnapping?  Brainwashing?  Aliens?  Murder??? No!  She’s just… um… working in another town.  That was TOTALLY A SWEET PAYOFF!  So we get this in a factory that ape’s Lucille Ball’s classic chocolate factor scene in without a doubt the worst moment of this episode because I can’t stand shout-outs and pop culture references.  Afterwards, we get a cool “car chase”.  Notice how two pegasi, who hardly ever use their legs and were pulling a heavier load were able to keep pace with four earth ponies.  Obviously the pegasi had fresh legs under them while the earth ponies must have been tired after a hard day’s work.  Speaking of running earth ponies, remember how back in “Over a Barrell” we saw “trains” in Equestria being pulled by teams of them?  Thankfully the show runners didn’t because I hate it when things are creative and original.

So at the end what was the terrible secret that Applejack was hiding?  She *gasp* did very badly in the competition and was trying to save face.

Man, I totally did not see that coming.  That’s something I’ve like… never seen ever in the history of television anywhere.

I could go on and on, but I think this masterpiece speaks for itself.  I said I’d never do this but… I have to give it a hunting muses first:


SIX shell score!  Bravo!  Bravo!


Oh, and I dread that none of you had a horrible not-opposite day.


3 thoughts on “MLP:ER – the Last Roundup

  1. Aww, I liked this episode. Mostly because I like the somewhat unexpected theme, not that you can overcome everything if you just try really really hard (because that totally works in real life) or that honesty is the best policy or whatever, but rather that even when you’re trying to do good things, you can still screw up. And it’s not because someone evil is opposing you or whatever, it just happens. And that when it does happen, because it will, there’s no point in getting all full of pride. Just admit that things didn’t go as planned and move on with life.

    also (presumably) unintentional deadpool reference

  2. All I know is that despite this being presumably an Applejack episode, Derpy Hooves’ one-minute dialogue scene stole the show. By the way, Nate, I do hope you got a chance to watch the original version of Last Roundup. I’ve just as soon accept that Greedo shot first than that the new Derpy is canon.

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