MLP:ER – Hearth’s Warming Eve

Here in this episode about ponies, we learn how losing internet connection to the library hinders Twilight’s efforts to blog about her Ponyville adventures.

Wait, that’s what I went through this past week.

Nah, this was clearly the MLP:FiM President’s day episode (yeah, shame it wasn’t on my queue for this monday).

Seriously though, how can anyone still believe any of Celestia’s lies?  This is the how “Equestria” was founded?  But Equestria is like the planet they’re on, it encompasses Ponyville and Canterlot.  So how was it founded??  Was it just renaming the planet?  Or is Equestria supposed to be a zip code?  Would we mail something to Twilight at “123 Library Ave, Ponyville, Empire EQUESTRIA”?  Wake up Equestria!  This is all just propaganda by your dictator Celestia using that old trope about how Complainers are Always Wrong.  Dissent is the enemy.  Conform… Conform!

Well I say nevar!  I am a free pony who will not bow to the sun tyrant!  Don’t believe the hype!  Drink Pepsi!  Free your minds!

OR maybe it’s another lesson about how friendship can overcome almost any adversity.

By this point, we’ve seen friendship weaponized so many times in this show, one wonders if it’s regulated at all in Equestria.  Is there like… a five day waiting period before you can become friends with someone?  And why do we see them in the past not figure out the importance of friendship in solving some dilemmas when it’s such a part of the general cultural awareness and background every pony grows up in?  Is the education system that defunct?

Ah the fun you can have trying to apply rigorous logic to kids’ shows.  I should probably just relax. 😉

Fun episode. And yes, I get what’s up with “Equestria”, I like to do stupid jokes for painful humor.

Hmm… wonder what episode is coming up…


2 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Hearth’s Warming Eve

  1. Of course, that the three pony tribes were able to unite to found Equestria, which I guess refers solely to the pony kingdom and not the entire planet, makes me wonder how Discord came into power later on before the Alicorn princesses showed up, Especially considering the ponies place such a heavy stress on the virtue of friendship.

    Oh, perhaps I shouldn’t mention Alicorn Princesses… You’ll know soon enough, my friend 🙂

  2. In my head canon, the rise of the Alicorn sisterhood ruling the warring ponyfolk of Equestra and forming them into a military-theocracy focused on the worship of their God-Princess is exactly like the rise of the Imperium of Man in Warhammer40k.

    “My friendship is my shield! My magic is my sword!”

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